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Some assistance with using this system is at: Help. You can just view and add places of interest using PlaceList. Note that when you have added a ride you can view it with a background map and proceed to add places of interest. This system is still a work in progress. Please feedback issues/ideas to: webgroup@tandem-club.org.uk.

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GroupQualityMap Ref (lat,long)
Modified PeriodPostcodePage1 of 1 
Id: 1, Quality: 5
Group: WestCountry
Postcode: BS37
Map Reference: 51.3714, -2.54839
Added by: Terry Barnaby
Id: 3, Quality: 2
Group: Touring
Map Reference: 54.4799, -3.52751
Added by: Neil Wheadon
Id: 2, Quality: 2
Group: Touring
Map Reference: 54.6657, -2.7498
Added by: Neil Wheadon