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For Technical and Non-Technical items. Order from one of four sources

Tandem Club Regalia items
are obtained from: -
Ian Fulcher
5 Woolley Road
Bristol, BS14 8SR

Telephone: 01275 831992
email: Regalia Sales at the Club Shop

by sending an order form and a cheque made payable to The Tandem Club
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Tandem Club 50th. Anniversary Snoods Available to members on-line here.

Socks: Top quality sock, made by DeFeet with tandem design. Imported from the USA.
Size detail:
Small = 4-6
Medium = 7-8
Large = 9-10

£8.50 pair

Also available on-line

Metal Badge: This is a 36 x 20mm oval metal Brooch Badge with a pin fixing
These are 47 X 27mm oval plastic badges with self adhesive backing suitable for attaching to frame or mudguard .

F,O.C Direct from the Publicity Officer.

Cloth Badge: These 87mm (3.5) circular badges are ideal for sewing or glueing to panniers, bags and clothing.


Also available on-line


Oval Car Sticker: These 100 mm x 58 mm intended for attaching to the inside of car windscreens. F,O.C Direct from the Publicity Officer.
Long Car Sticker: Show your support for the Tandem Club with these attractive blue and yellow stickers.

Dimensions: 421mm x 55mm (16.5 x 2.25)
F,O.C Direct from the Publicity Officer.
Pennant: The pennant is stiffened and is ideal for the backs of buggies and recumbents.

Dimensions: 230mm x 145mm (9.25 x 5.5)
Only available at rallies F.O.C
Journal Binder: These neat dark blue binders hold at least 2 years' journals. Issues can be readily inserted and removed.

Dimensions: 180mm x 223mm (7 x 8.75)


Also available on-line

800ml Water Bottle: with club logo.

At rallies 

Also available on-line

Rally Badge Holder: In TC club colours.


Also available on-line

Key Ring: Matches the Badge Holder.


Also available on-line


Brake Relining Service

We get frequent requests for relining of tandem drum brakes and have found that

Custom Brakes Hydraulics provide a good service.

Custom Brakes Hydraulics

Tandem Club Technical Spares Service

Stuart Hunter

email: Technical Sales Officer
Brampton style Head Clamp Brampton style Head Clamp.- 106 £20.00
Upper Race(2), Lower lug Race, Crown Race Ref. 107 Upper Race x 2
Ref. 108 Lower Lug Race
Ref. 109 Crown Race

£9.00 pair
£9.00 each
£5.00 each

Hub Brake Clip - 304 £4.85
  Rod Brake Parts  
Sleeve - 402 £5.95
Rod Cable Connector - 403 £2.95
Threaded Cable Nipple - 404 £2.20
Return Spring - 405 £2.00
Screwed Cable Adjuster - 406 £2.00
Rod Actuating Lug - 408 £5.00
Further items: -  
Item No.   Price  
113 Column liner £5.50  
502 Grease nipples threaded metric 6mm (each) 1.00  
503 Grease nipples threaded 2BA (pack of five) £2.50  
504 Grease nipples threaded ¼ BSF (each) £1.00  

For more information please contact the Technical Sales Officer.