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Tandems on Trains

Latest information on the carriage of Tandems on trains in the U.K.


The various U.K.Train Operating Companies (TOCs) have differing policies on the carriage of Tandems.

This table provides the information compiled by our Rail Liaison Officer. Cycle policies had changed very little over recent years even where there has been a change of franchise but significant changes to types of long distance trains started in 2017 and these are likely to be unfavourable for tandem carriage as the new trains are multiple units rather than locomotive or twin power car configurations. The Virgin East Cost website states they do not carry tandems although the National Rail Plus Bike information suggests they do. Alas it is most likely that the Plus Bike information has not been updated to reflect the changed policy for the new Hitachi trains. Information on GWR services should be used with caution for the services London <=> Bristol as the new Class 800 (Hitachi/IEP) takes over on this mainline route. Detailed information about tandems on GWR Class 800 is not yet available although we are assured that we will be kept informed.  For general information and advice on taking your tandem on the train look at the advice page.

If you spot any errors or have any new information then please email the Rail Liaison Officer

Link for stations and routes served by each TOC

Train Operating Company
with link to cycle policy page

 Cycle Policy from company web sites and leaflets.
Salient quotations shown in italic font

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No mention of tandems on website but leaflet says: Tandems, tricycles, ‘Rann’ trailers, motorcycles, mopeds,motorised cycles and two-wheeled scooters are not carried on any of our services.
Checked 24/02/18
Tandems and tricycles are not permitted.
Checked 24/02/18
Regular bicycles are carried (except tandems) on any Chiltern Railways…
Checked 24/02/18
As space is limited, we are unable to convey tandems, tricycles, bike trailers, motorbikes, scooters, mopeds or motorised bikes on any of our trains.
Updated link - tandem policy unchanged 24/02/18
East Coast - see Virgin Trains East Coast   Updated 30/03/15
Tandems, tricycles, motorcycles, mopeds and motorised scooters may not be taken on any of our services, nor can any kind of cycle trailer.
Updated link - policy unchanged 24/02/18
No specific mention of tandems. See Eurodespatch contact details and service on page linked from first column.
Updated 25/04/16
First Capital Connect replaced by Great Northern and Thameslink
Updated 31/03/15
Our trains include a cycle carriage area. However, as there are a limited number of spaces, passengers wishing to carry a bicycle are requested to reserve in advance, this is free of charge.
Checked 14/04/16
First TransPennine Express now TransPennine Express
Updated 14/04/16
No specific mention of tandems but some services use HST sets
Updated 14/04/16
Great Northern No specific mention of tandems. Only folding bikes on peak services Checked 14/04/16
Great Western Railway (formerly First Great Western)
Reservations policy tightened from 16/05/16 for High Speed Trains. Quoting new policy leaflet (linked here as pdf):
Tandems can only be carried on High Speed trains and must have a reservation.
The cycle policy leaflet has not been updated to reflect the introduction of Class 800 to the GWR mainline London<=>Bristol and information about policy for this type of train is not available.
Updated 24/02/18
(abelio) Greater Anglia Tandems may be carried on the following routes and services (except where any relevant time restrictions apply) :
Norwich - Ipswich - Colchester - London intercity trains

Ipswich, Clacton, Colchester, Braintree, Chelmsford and Southend to London services plus the branch lines to Harwich Town, Walton-on-the-Naze and Southminster.

Norwich - Cambridge, Ipswich - Peterborough and Ipswich - Cambridge trains (except for the first and last trains of the day between Ipswich - Cambridge and vice versa and the 06.23 Bury St. Edmunds - Ipswich)

Unfortunately, tandems cannot be carried on any other services

Checked 24/02/18

The link below related to the former francise holder but the advice is still useful

more information

No mention of cycles anywhere on website.
Checked 25/04/16
No specific mention of tandems.
Checked 25/04/16
No mention of cycles on Island Line site but South West policy may apply.
Checked 25/04/16
No specific mention of tandems. Only folding bikes on peak services 07:00 to 10:00 into London and 16:00 to 19:00 out of London
Checked 25/04/16
No specific mention of tandems. Peak time restrictions for non-folding bikes.
Updated 25/04/16
No specific mention of tandems. Folded bikes only on some parts. See map.
Updated 25/04/16
Motorised cycles, tandems, tricycles and 'Rann' type trailers can't be taken on board a train.
Updated 11/07/16
National Express East Anglia -  now abelio Greater Anglia  see above
No specific mention of tandems.
Updated 25/04/16
We also don't allow tandems, tricycles and non-folding cycle trailers as they take up too much space.
Checked 24/02/18
No mention of tandems on website
Checked 25/04/16
No specific mention of tandems. Only folding bikes on peak services
Updated link 25/04/15
No specific mention of tandems. Complicated peak services restrictions see map
Checked 25/04/16
Only fully folded bicycles can be accepted on Stansted Express train services at any time.
Updated 14/04/16
Thameslink Railway No specific mention of tandems. Only folding bikes on peak services Checked 14/04/16
Cycle policy leaflet says: Tandems, tricycles, handbikes*, recumbent cycles, motorcycles and bicycle trailers cannot be carried on any TransPennine Express train as the trains do not have the space to accommodate these.
Updated 24/02/18
 West Coast Mainline trains can take up to four bikes, and our Pendolino trains even have space for two tandems (no penny-farthings though). It’s free, but remember to reserve your space in advance..
Updated 24/02/18
Website updated: Unfortunately we do not have the space to carry Tricycles, cycle trailers, double deck cycles or tandems. Updated 24/02/18