This section provides details of the people who maintain
this site and other key contacts in the Tandem Club.

Name Role Email Address
Stuart Hibberd Webmaster in Chief of this site
Tony Prichard Co-ordinator of the Tandem Club Web Group. This group of volunteers maintain the site on a day-to-day basis. Contact us for anything to do with the site's design. Tell us what you like and what you don't like and most of all tell us if anything doesn't work.
Design of the site was by the late Neville Frost.
Peter Hallowell Website Advertising
Bob Bending Journal advertising
Stuart Hibberd 'For Sale' and 'Wanted' boards
Helen Blundell Secretary of the Tandem Club
Sheila Ward Membership Secretary
Caroline Hobbs Renewals and Changes of Address
Karon and Bob Bending Editor of the Tandem Club Journal - the club's bi-monthly magazine
Stuart Hunter Technical Advisor
Ian Postlethwaite International Liaison for overseas tandemists visiting the U.K.
Sheila Ward Regional Officer Co-ordinator


Other Key People

A committee of volunteers devotes much free time to running the Club. They will always be pleased to answer any questions you may have but please check that you are contacting the relevant committee member. A full list of Club Officers is held in the Members' Area

Club Officers

Throughout the UK over 40 Regional Officers organise Tandem Club activities on a local basis. They can be contacted to find out what is happening in their area or for advice on how to arrange activities.

Regional Officers and Groups