Tandem Buying

We have an extensive list of UK Tandem Suppliers in the Members' Area of this site. There is also an active user Tandem ForSale system on this website.

The first question to ask, when buying a tandem, is, "Have you ridden a tandem before?". Some couples just can't get on together on a tandem - perhaps one partner pushes too high a gear and is always late in changing down for a hill. Of course, through practice these things could possibly be ironed out. Some stokers find the position at the back too cramped, although this does depend on the tandem. If, therefore, you haven't any experience of tandem riding you should try it out first before committing yourselves to buying a tandem.

There are several firms who have tandems for hire in the UK. A list is published in the Tandem Club Members' Handbook and a copy of this list is available on our Tandem Hiring page. The Cyclists' Touring Club (CTC) also publishes a free general Cycle Hire Directory - contact them on 01483 238 337 (Fax 01483 237 051, E-mail cycling@ctc.org.uk). A copy of this directory is also available on their website at www.ctc.org.uk.
Cost of tandems vary from several hundred pounds to several thousand pounds.

Many retailers will let you try out a tandem before buying one and for those people wanting to try out a new tandem before they buy there is also The Tandem Experience where you can try out a tandem and get instruction on riding techniques, how to get the correct fit and riding position and how to start and stop without embarrassment. For further details refer to that website.

The prices of second-hand tandems vary quite a bit but you have to watch what you're buying and ensure that if it's an old tandem that spares are available. That's where membership of the Tandem Club can be very useful (Application Form). You can get specialist advice about spare parts and the Club holds some items that are not otherwise readily available. For views about different makes of tandems, and useful information about accessories, it's worth taking a look at the Club's Discussion Board.

As to where you can find second-hand tandems for sale you could look at Exchange and Mart magazine, the CTC magazine Cycle Touring Campaigning or the For Sale Board on this site. However the best place is in the Tandem Club Journal which is published every two months and which always includes a fair number of second-hand tandems for sale. These are usually snapped up very quickly. You might like to consider joining the Club (£10 pa) just for that!

For an extensive list of UK Tandem Suppliers, go to the Members' Area of this site.