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Peter Hobson2020-12-15 13:24:43Humberside

TC Humberside Region Club Christmas Quiz Numbers and words, the numbers remain but the words have been removed with the first letter of the word remains. For instance.

6 T in the S N. = 6 teams in the 6 Nations.

There will be a small prize for the winner. E-Mail or post answers back closing date 31 Dec 20.

1. 12 D of C
2. 20 T in the P L
3. 7 W of the A W
4. 101 D
5. 3 W M
6. 25 D in the A C
7. 6 G are L
8. 9 R in C
9. 12 P P
10. 12 M H W on the M
11. 3 B M
12. 52 C in a P
13. 24 H from T
14. 10 C R of a T
15. 60 Y of C S
16. 4 G that V S
17. 270 S on the U
18. 22 P on a M B
19. 26 L in the A
20. 40 Y in a R A
21. 22 T L D
22. 39 B in the O T
23. 6 F in a F
24. 6 B for a L J
25. 4 F of P
26. 225 S on a S B
27. 0 D of L at the E
28. 3 V on a T
29. 221 B B S S H A
30. 10 P for Q in S
31. 2 G A on the M S
32. 7 E in the H
33. 2 N to T
34. 13 at the L S
35. 4 G in a P
36. 1066 B of H
37. 59 the B L
38. 14 of F V D
39. 170 M C at D
40. 68 Y on the T for Q

Pauline Hayward2020-12-22 21:38:58Kent

Dear Friends,

We would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and Healthy new year. We are hoping that we wil be able to ride as groups come the spring of 2021.  

We would like to say a big  thank you to Richard and Anne, Liz and Mark for Leading rides this year and putting on splendid refreshments. Also for Jim and Kate who had organised and was ready to lead a ride just as we went into our 2nd lockdown. So thank you for the work  and for the other tandems who turned up to make the ride enjoyable.

Best wishes to you all, and hope to see a few of you our on the nice winters day. 

Pauline and Cliff 

RO Kent

Pauline Hayward2020-12-22 21:52:47Kent

Dear Friends, We would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and Healthy new year. We are hoping that we wil be able to ride as groups come the spring of 2021. We would like to say a big thank you to Richard and Anne, Liz and Mark for Leading rides this year and putting on splendid refreshments. Also for Jim and Kate who had organised and was ready to lead a ride just as we went into our 2nd lockdown. So thank you for the work and for the other tandems who turned up to make the ride enjoyable. Best wishes to you all, and hope to see a few of you our on the nice winters day. Pauline and Cliff RO Kent

Neil Wheadon2020-12-26 13:26:04TandemClub

If it's raining outside and you'd like something to do then why not add a few icons to the Tandem Club ride map. I've added over 1000 and the map is looking pretty good for the South West. Anything from teashops to Farm Parks to Ancient Monuments that can be visited for free. There really is nothing like this anywhere else and if every member did just 10 that map would look prety impressive and would be a fabulous thing. Go on you know you want to, brew a cup of tea, grab a mince pie and look at https://tandem-club.org.uk/rides?cmd=placeList. Just Shift/left click on the place, add a description and away you go. Any question, I'm about at Neil@Tandem-club.org.uk

Linda Jackson2020-12-28 16:54:45ThreeCounties
Update Three Counties Area
Update Three Counties Area

We're Linda and Mark and have recently offered to coordinate the rides and rekindle the Three Counties area of the Tandem Club.

We've been riding our Orbit Lightening Tandem seriously for just a few years and love it! We also enjoy riding our solo bikes, sportifs, leisure riding and touring.  If you see us out on our white and turquoise tandem, give us a wide berth in case we wobble when we return your friendly wave.

We thought this role would be a great opportunity to cycle and get to know fellow 'Tandemers' and explore new cycling routes, however, currently this opportunity comes with the added challenge that this region is in different tiers with restricitions on travel, exercising in groups, equally of note is that cafes, restaurants and pubs are also closed!

It is also paramount that we all remain safe and adhere to the guidelines.  We're trying to remain optimistic and thought we'd plan some dates for the New Year with the routes to be reviewed and confirmed two weeks before the ride.

Sunday 17th January: Meet at Pittville Pumprooms, East Approach Drive, Cheltenham GL523JE at 10am for 10.30am departure. There is a carpark, public toilets and cafe - opening of the cafe will be subject to local restrictions so please bring your own drinks and food. It will be approx 25 miles at steady pace around Cheltenham. Led by Linda and Mark

Sunday 21st February TBC

Sunday 21st March TBC

Sunday 18th April TBC

Sunday 16th May TBC

We are happy planning the first couple of rides as we all get to know one another but really keen that local members share their favourite rides and plan routes.

We currently have access to the regional data base and will use email to correspond with Three County members.  Details of the rides will also be on the Tandem Club website and extend a warm welcome to members from other areas.

Please confim your attendance in advance with the ride leaders.

We look forward to hearing from you and finding out more about your tandeming experiences!

Best wishes for 2021,

Linda and Mark Jackson

Terry Barnaby2020-12-30 08:51:57TandemClub
Website login

Note you can no longer login to the website using the generic Journal month based logins. This has been done for security reasons. You now need to have an individual user login on the website based on your email address. This can be setup using this link: https://tandem-club.org.uk/user?cmd=register

Ian and Lisa Warren2021-01-03 12:38:06Taunton
December 2020 Report
December 2020 Report

The Taunton Group’s Christmas ride was held on December 13th and started with socially distanced coffee and cake in the gazebo outside Mr Miles Tea Rooms in the High Street in Taunton.
Two groups of 3 tandems set off in different directions. Ian and Lisa had planned four routes but unfortunately the weather forecast was not encouraging and a few couples were deterred. On the day the weather wasn’t too bad – the first group headed out south-west from Taunton through Pitminster and West Buckland while the second group headed out north-west through Bradford-on-Tone and Bishops Lydeard. Upon return to Taunton several couples decided to have lunch and the staff at Mr Miles Tea Rooms obligingly found tables for us. 
The event was great in the circumstances, the two groups didn’t mingle and riding in small groups was quite acceptable, almost feeling normal. This year has been so different and rides have been organised to conform with the current regulations and have proved popular. The trophy for the couple attending the most events organised during the year was awarded to Rex and Hannah.
To include those unable to attend the ride we also held a Zoom Christmas Party on December 18th. Nick and Rachel planned it meticulously with a spectacular simultaneous switch on of Christmas lights, a magnificent firework display (complete with fire alarm!), a game of pontoon, a fancy dress competition and, being the Taunton Group, included community singing culminating in an unusual rendition of ‘Daisy Daisy’ to the tune of Auld Lang Syne (?).
What a year! Many thanks to all those who have supported the Taunton Group throughout this year – and special thanks to those who have agreed to lead rides in 2021.  
Lisa & Ian Warren

Stephen Webb2021-02-02 19:24:14LA

The February club ride to Kirkby Lonsdale and Arnside has been cancelled following the latest advice from the UK Government and Cycling UK. We hope to fit these rides in later this year. Thanks for your understanding, Stephen Webb LA Group RO

Sheila Ward2021-02-12 10:29:57Wessex

Spurred on by reports of other group activities, Wessex held a social chat Zoom attended by just 4 tandem couples. A further get-together with some short illustrated tour reports is planned for later this month.

Peter Weeks2021-02-20 10:27:37TandemClub

20 Feb Latest advice from Cycling UK about cycling restrictions during Covid

Sheila Ward2021-02-22 09:26:04Wessex

Twelve screens joined our second Zoom get-together and we were delighted to see some new faces. We enjoyed a tour of Kent and an adventurous trip from the UK to Santander, as well as quick visits to Corrèze and Salviac. We hope to meet again if more material is forthcoming.

Neil Wheadon2021-02-25 15:39:15TandemClub

Over the past 4 months I have added National trust/English Heritage/Cadw and Scottish Trust properties to the Tandem Club Rides map. This is stage 1 for me because i will now be looking to add rides to flesh it out. There are over 3000 places marked now. I've said before that it's unique, and it is. So if you have a favorite ride that others will enjoy please upload it or get in touch.

Stephen Webb2021-03-12 13:20:36LA

Our March club ride has been cancelled. However it is good to see the Lancashire and Cumbria Group members getting out and about. Please keep the snippets of where you have been and photographs coming so I can update the website with news and photographs. stephen.webb001@gmail.com

Sheila Ward2021-03-18 10:13:11Wessex

Our third Zoom gathering again attracted 12 screens and this time we explored the West Midlands, Warwickshire and Worcestershire, the new home area of John and Jane. The little villages and quiet lanes made us very envious. Then it was off to Holland for The Cheese Tour, courtesy of Ann, David, John and Sue. With windmills, canals, perfect cycle paths and busy little towns, Holland's delights were only tempered by some damp days and one very windy ride! Next time, off to sun and India!

Kevin Smith2021-03-22 11:34:57Nottinghamshire

Good morning all, It was really great to meet everyone on the call Zoom yesterday evening, thank you for attending and all the input everyone gave. We hope the group will go on to flourish, and we can all be part of a friendly, social and active group. Just a few notes to share with the group from our meeting. Attendee's location Kevin & Tracey Smith- Sherwood. Colin & Rosy Gray- West Bridgford. Andrew & Sally Wheeler- Grantham. Steve & Irene Dickman- Fiskerton. Simon & Jill Cocker- Grantham. After introductions, we discussed possible dates for our first tandem outing as a group, taking into account the governments planned easing of restrictions. 1st ride Sunday 13th June 2021 Meet at Trent Bridge- Bridge Café/sandwich bar. No toilets here, only a small venue. Around 40 miles with stop midway through the ride for refreshments – Through The Gate. An interesting Buffalow farm, c/w derivative food products! Group aiming at staying together/regroup as required – its not a race! Ride to be added to Tandem club website (whats on section) and emailed out to all on Nottinghamshire regional group email- with meeting point, GPX route. We would look at alternating start locations for future rides. Dates for monthly rides TBC, but initially second Sunday of month? Although not mentioned during the Zoom meeting, if you have any ride suggestions or are happy to lead a ride, please speak up. Hoping to see you all soon Kevin & Tracey

Tony Prichard2021-03-23 14:30:38TandemClub
50th. Anniversary Snoods

50th. Anniversary Snoods have been added to our new on-line Regalia Shop. These are available to Members only. Eventually we will be adding the other regalia items.

Stephen Webb2021-04-05 19:44:48LA

Lancashire and Cumbria Group : Our April ride has been re-arranged and is now on Sunday 25 April, starting from Kendal at 9:30am. Details will be updated on the 'What's On' pages the week before the ride. Pre-booking is essential.

Pauline Hayward2021-04-10 21:52:30Kent

Dear friends As Disabilities Liaison Officer, Mark Noble received the following request from Madleen. I know we are still in lockdown, but when things open up again, I really would love to actively participate in riding tandems in a group near me! Gravesend DA12 5D! I’m happy to get to wherever possible, but I really would like to make this work > So I am contacting you, can you help? I am a totally blind person, really eager to get out and about after all this time! working from home for a year now, has its disadvantages! :-) > I would really appreciate, if someone could contact me, my telephone number: (07795) 226569 > mailto:madleenmann@me.com > Warm regards, > madleen Mark has replied to her with regards to how the club and our section works.. But is there is anyone who would be willing to help her participate in tandem riding? If you are able to help please contact Madleen directly email and phone number below.

Neil Wheadon2021-04-11 18:49:05TandemClub

I have added the West Country Saturday ride to the Rides part of the site. Within this I have added a description and 4 pictures as well as adding markers along the way. What I am trying to do is grade these 1-5. The idea is to be able to find great routes without being swamped by routes which are difficult to follow/understand. As this one doesn't have a PDF routesheet, I've designated it a grade 4 as it was a lovely route (Thanks Peter and Jenny) and has nearly everything else. This is what i'll be doing in the future. https://tandem-club.org.uk/rides?cmd=view&id=310