Events Module


The Events module is designed to handle events and bookings for them.

Event Files

When you create a new event you give it a name. For Tandem club events this is normally of the form "tci2018". The "i" indicate internationsal, "e" is for easter and "n" is for national.
A directory is created: "files/events/tci2018" where all of the events files are stored. The following base files and directories are created:
Overal event information HTML file.
After the event this report is available to users.
This is a directory holding information for people attending the event. This has information like routes.
This contains information on the files present in the members directory. It can be edited as wanted.
This is a symbolic link to the members directory. It has a random component and is used to give non members access to the event information. This can be sent as a URL in emails. The name of this is listed in the event objects "NonMemberAccess" field and can be viewed with the overal event information.

When a new event is created a sub directory "members" is now created with an "info.html" file. The info.html file can be edited as desired and additional files can be placed in this members directory. The system will show the contents of the info.html file followed by a directory listing. Only members who are logged in can access the files under the "members" directory.

There is also a symbolic link of the form "non_members_<random string>" that links to the "members" directory. The random part is created when you create an event and is shown in the event editor. Non members can access the files in the members directory by this route. The intention is that the URL to this is provided in emails to rally goers. This would be of the form:<random string>/info.html".

Files such as GPX files can be uploaded to the "members" directory using the File Browser.

In the main rally "index.html" description file you can have a link to extra information such as "members/info.html" or "members/routes.html" etc. So TC members can access this information easily from the rally page.