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Tandem 2003 routes
Comments: 4Started by: Neil Wheadon2021-01-02 21:25:53
Rides, cafes and so much more on the Tandem Club Site
Comments: 3Started by: Neil Wheadon2021-01-16 16:58:58
Why join the Club?
Comments: 1Started by: Peter Weeks2021-01-19 17:20:55
Rohloff gear changing
Comments: 8Started by: Martyn Aldis2020-11-28 11:05:23
What calls do you get ?
Comments: 6Started by: Richard Fuller2021-01-17 23:22:12
E Mtb tandem
Comments: 5Started by: Mark Norman2020-12-15 18:50:24
Dog trailer advice
Comments: 5Started by: John Little2020-12-11 15:54:37
Tandem Club Journal
Comments: 4Started by: Bruce Jeffrey2020-12-11 16:29:16
Claud Butler Majestic Two - good, bad or middling?
Comments: 3Started by: Paul Womack2020-10-18 11:12:43
triple to double
Comments: 5Started by: Chris Roan2020-11-18 18:38:19
Dawes Discovery Twin wheel hubs
Comments: 4Started by: Giles Bresnen2020-11-28 19:12:05
EuroVelo 1
Comments: 5Started by: 2018-11-13 19:55:28
Tandem frame identification please? *PIC*
Comments: 9Started by: Iggy2012-01-04 12:21:51
Suspension seat post replacement spring
Comments: 3Started by: Martin Gibson2020-11-05 19:08:56
Chain Guard
Comments: 15Started by: Derek Perry2020-11-08 15:52:49
Carrying a Tandem in an Estate car
Comments: 13Started by: Richard Gale2020-10-01 19:36:50
Synch chain tension
Comments: 8Started by: Derek Perry2020-10-21 18:06:14
Unknown Tandem Make
Comments: 11Started by: 2020-10-20 20:05:37
Short Wheel Base - why?
Comments: 8Started by: Paul Womack2020-10-03 09:51:32
Comments: 9Started by: Alan Creasey2020-09-17 18:33:36
Weekend ride - North Lincs
Comments: 1Started by: Derek Perry2020-10-08 22:55:48
Harwich - Hook of Holland Ferry tips
Comments: 10Started by: Andy Barkley2020-08-05 20:58:26
tandem kick stand
Comments: 4Started by: W J MESSENGER2017-08-19 14:12:33
Dawes Discovery Twin stand
Comments: 2Started by: Derek Perry2020-09-26 17:21:52
Tandem Carriers
Comments: 12Started by: Derek Perry2020-09-10 19:39:47
Tandem carrier on motorhome
Comments: 1Started by: Chris Wood2020-09-24 14:30:57
Circe Eos - worth considering ?
Comments: 19Started by: David isherwood2020-08-25 22:01:44
Help us identify our frame
Comments: 9Started by: Joseph Chant2020-09-13 12:00:15
New member introduction
Comments: 9Started by: Derek Perry2020-09-08 19:24:19
Tyre questions
Comments: 13Started by: Derek Perry2020-09-09 07:05:42
Who would be a stoker
Comments: 2Started by: Mark Norman2020-09-06 16:04:02
How do you value a vintage tandem?
Comments: 5Started by: Steve Goss2020-08-01 10:55:38
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