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Circe Helios Triplet
Comments: 1Started by: adam robinson2020-11-19 13:32:10
Double drilled crankset
Comments: 4Started by: Raelton Mounsher 2020-11-02 18:12:00
140 mm rear hub w/drag brakes & a 5 cog cassette
Comments: 4Started by: Katharine Lazenby2020-10-21 17:10:56
1936 Claud Butler parts
Comments: 5Started by: Richard Hill2020-10-11 17:44:07
Bar end friction lever
Comments: 1Started by: Mr Nicholas Dover2020-09-07 10:35:12
Circe Helios
Comments: 6Started by: Tim Evans2020-08-16 19:10:22
Cable coupler
Comments: 8Started by: Stephen Price2020-08-17 12:04:41
Road tandem for 6'3" and 5'5"
Comments: 14Started by: Mr Nicholas Dover2020-08-18 10:02:05
tandem with 2 sets S&S couplings
Comments: 1Started by: Andrew Brimelow2020-08-04 16:40:47
Wanted L/S Thorn ideally with Rohloff hub
Comments: 8Started by: James Acworth2020-07-27 23:06:04
Touring Tandem wanted
Comments: 3Started by: spencer vanderpal2018-06-22 16:43:08
700c disc compatible wheels for touring
Comments: 1Started by: philip tregear2020-07-04 08:08:53
Wanted ~ Bike Friday Tandem Twosday
Comments: 10Started by: Mark Waters2020-01-16 16:20:20
Phil Morris
Comments: 1Started by: April 20202020-05-25 20:24:59
Triplet/triple tandem wanted
Comments: 6Started by: Paul Read2020-03-20 07:02:16
Stoker stem?
Comments: 3Started by: Brian Stephen Reid2020-05-16 17:35:18
Tandem for female pilot
Comments: 13Started by: John Little2020-03-09 11:44:53
International shipping?
Comments: 2Started by: Brian Stephen Reid2020-03-04 20:08:47
Parking in Portsmouth
Comments: 4Started by: Lin Wroe2020-02-17 11:08:35
Wanted - carbon tandem forks
Comments: 1Started by: Brian Stephen Reid2020-02-08 14:07:14
Comments: 4Started by: 2020-01-09 17:10:39
looking for Circe Helios (ideally) or another tandem suitable for 8 year old stoker
Comments: 25Started by: Duncan Greig2019-07-01 09:20:25
Wanted: Circe Helios
Comments: 1Started by: Melissa Loucas2019-11-20 14:56:44
Seeking a Circe Helios tandem
Comments: 1Started by: Philip Jennings2019-10-18 19:46:41
Comments: 2Started by: Mr Tom Crispin2019-09-29 23:24:33
Wanted Tandem for 8 year old
Comments: 3Started by: Graham Forrester2019-09-23 17:00:57
tandem hydraulic lift
Comments: 8Started by: John R Blackie2018-11-08 22:28:20
Comments: 1Started by: chris ferguson2019-07-31 14:33:28
Wanted Cannondale road tandem
Comments: 2Started by: Paul Gerrard2018-07-18 16:07:55
Bob Yak Trailer Wanted
Comments: 1Started by: John Saunders2019-03-21 17:03:01
Wanted - Small tandem with drop bars
Comments: 8Started by: Adam Kirk2018-08-15 19:21:40
Old tandem headset
Comments: 3Started by: Dan Noble2018-04-20 08:03:24
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