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More Scammers

John Petrie2024-04-28 14:36:47

I thought I would drop a note to Tandem club members on the continuing plague of Scammers who for some reason seem to think they can scam us.

I advertised my Cannondale tandem for sale and so far have been contacted by two scammers, both different. One said he lived in Crawley and was buying as a gift for his son, the other said he lived in the Uk but his work took him out of the country for extended periods.

Both rejected my invite to come and view the tandem and make me an offer, instead said they would send a cheque and once cleared would send a courier to collect.

To both I replied "in your dreams mate"

Their grammer is somewhat to be desired and the lack of technical or any other questions regarding the tandem non existent.

So for anyone who has anything for sale....be wary of these scummy scammers


Kind Regards



David Beacham2024-04-29 07:54:23
I too listed our tandem for sale and the only two responses so far have been scammers virtually identical in style. Badly written and not asking for any details other than photos they asked about best price before offering the full price and sending a courier to pick up. 😡
Malcolm Gammon2024-04-29 08:56:55

I advertised our tandem recently on the club board but after reading all the previous posts about scams I included in the advert.

 "Cash on collection only. No bank transfers. No posting"

Only had genuine enquiries from people prepared to travel and sold it successfully to someone local. 

David Gray2024-05-17 13:11:14

Persistent little "Buyers" or a another word beginning with B, they are still at it, had two enquiries, Stephen Kyle being the most persistent. Told him it was cash only in response to first enquiry, then got a second email with usual tail in imperfect English saying that he would send a cheque and arrange for his courier as he is out of UK on holiday.
I replied that it was cash only as per the advert so no sale .

Another was from Johnson, in appalling English, politely declined his enquiry.

Posting this to let people know that the scammers have not given up.


Jacqueline Bridges Bridges 2024-05-17 14:38:06


We advertised our Thorn Tandem, have had, the Johnson and Stephen contact us. Both sounded off. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it is a scam. Genuine people want to know more about the Tandem, sizes, pictures,  where you have been with the tandem. Sellers beware.




David Beacham2024-05-17 14:45:04
Both have tried me multiple times!