Forum Module


You can view and post entries to the various forums. To do this you must have a website login. As a Tandem Club member you will have or be given a website login the next time you renew your membership. If you don't have a login or you are not a club member please apply for a login.
Note the "Create New Account" link requires approval from a TC admin persion. It may take a few days for someone to handle this.

The "All" forum provides a view of all the entries in the separate forums available.
To post a response please use the entry box at the bottom of the discussion list. You can also reply to individual posts using the "Post Response" links on each message. You can add a picture using the "Picture" field's Browse button. Links to websites or external pictures can be included using the text editor's menu items.
You can start a new discussion using the "Post message" link in the left hand menu.
If you have "Send Forum Emails" enabled in your user preferences you will receive an email on each new forum post.


The Forum module is designed to support multiple forums, diaries and blogs. This can be used to add forum entries for things.
Administrators can edit the information using the left hand menu's command links.
Pictures can be included in a forum entry by either using existing website pictures or by uploading new ones.