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19/04/2021Phil Harmer

The bookings system for the 2021 Replacement National Rally is now OPEN.  Rally webpage available under 'Events'. It runs from Sat 31st July to Sat 7th August 2021, and will be in Nottingham.  Limited electric hook-ups so book early to get one.

11/04/2021Neil Wheadon

I have added the West Country Saturday ride to the Rides part of the site. Within this I have added a description and 4 pictures as well as adding markers along the way. What I am trying to do is grade these 1-5. The idea is to be able to find great routes without being swamped by routes which are difficult to follow/understand. As this one doesn't have a PDF routesheet, I've designated it a grade 4 as it was a lovely route (Thanks Peter and Jenny) and has nearly everything else. This is what i'll be doing in the future. https://tandem-club.org.uk/rides?cmd=view&id=310

23/03/2021Tony Prichard50th. Anniversary Snoods
50th. Anniversary Snoods have been added to our new on-line Regalia Shop. These are available to Members only. Eventually we will be adding the other regalia items.
25/02/2021Neil Wheadon
Over the past 4 months I have added National trust/English Heritage/Cadw and Scottish Trust properties to the Tandem Club Rides map. This is stage 1 for me because i will now be looking to add rides to flesh it out. There are over 3000 places marked now. I've said before that it's unique, and it is. So if you have a favorite ride that others will enjoy please upload it or get in touch.
20/02/2021Peter Weeks


Hi Graham I got a pin spanner off of eBay the quality's not too good but it works ok
Dear Forum Like Lai-Fun Russell, a few years ago we bought a Moustache eTandem. It's the orange model and by far the best tandem we have owned in our 40 years riding normal models of tandem. The Moustache has a great range and offers support up to 15mph then you are on your own. We used to cruise in more ...
Graham, I am not sure whether you are in Hull or not but if you can ask the Hull Streetlife museum they may be able to help. Failing that, the oldest bike shops in Hull are Cliff Pratts, Rob Winstanley and Ken Ellerker, someone there may know. If not another avenue is to try to look at a copy of the more ...
Hi Chris - that's great news about your installation. Well done for sorting out the problems you encountered with the mid-motor conversion. I agree with you that there isn't really a 'better' option for the type of motor as they each have their individual strengths and weaknesses. In my view though, more ...
What a great day out we've had today in South Cumbria. Great company and fantastic scenery. We had 7 tandems today on what was an absolutely glorious day out. Keeping 7 tandems socially distanced in 3 groups to comply with the current restrictions and not losing anyone was a challenge in itself, but more ...
22/04/2021April 2021 Report
April 2021 ReportSunday 18th was the first Taunton Tandem Group ride following the lifting of the latest lockdown. We were blessed with really sunny dry weather and everyone seemed pleased to be meeting up again. It proved quite challenging to get the first group to set off, as there was a lot of catching up to be d more ...
Eight screens joined us on 14th April for a tour in India presented by John and Jane Taylor and an exploration of Brittany's Voies Vertes led by David and Alison Martin - quite a contrast!
Dear friends As Disabilities Liaison Officer, Mark Noble received the following request from Madleen. I know we are still in lockdown, but when things open up again, I really would love to actively participate in riding tandems in a group near me! Gravesend DA12 5D! I'm happy to get to wherever poss more ...
Lancashire and Cumbria Group : Our April ride has been re-arranged and is now on Sunday 25 April, starting from Kendal at 9:30am. Details will be updated on the 'What's On' pages the week before the ride. Pre-booking is essential.
Good morning all, It was really great to meet everyone on the call Zoom yesterday evening, thank you for attending and all the input everyone gave. We hope the group will go on to flourish, and we can all be part of a friendly, social and active group. Just a few notes to share with the group from o more ...