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Calvados still at la Ferme
Calvados still at la Ferme


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21/05/2017 Thameswey
The distance will about 34-36 miles with lunch at the Watership Down Inn, Freefolk at about 18 miles. We shall be climbing Watership Down on route to the pub but there’s a nice, long descent after as payback. There are some lovely views over the Downs and beyond. All details to be confirmed.  Full & specific details will be advised by email to the Thameswey group members. If you are not currently on the Thameswey email list and would like to join the ride please contact me Contact: Bob & Karon Bending
18/06/2017 Thameswey
Ride and contact details will be emailed out to the Thameswey Tandem Group members about one week before the ride. Contact: John & Pat Saunders
17/09/2017 Thameswey
Full details & contact information will be emailed out to the Thameswey Group members about one week before the ride.  Contact: Tom & Prew Bowtell