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Neil Wheadon2021-02-25 15:39:15TandemClub

Over the past 4 months I have added National trust/English Heritage/Cadw and Scottish Trust properties to the Tandem Club Rides map. This is stage 1 for me because i will now be looking to add rides to flesh it out. There are over 3000 places marked now. I've said before that it's unique, and it is. So if you have a favorite ride that others will enjoy please upload it or get in touch.

Tony Prichard2021-03-23 14:30:38TandemClub
50th. Anniversary Snoods

50th. Anniversary Snoods have been added to our new on-line Regalia Shop. These are available to Members only. Eventually we will be adding the other regalia items.

Neil Wheadon2021-04-11 18:49:05TandemClub

I have added the West Country Saturday ride to the Rides part of the site. Within this I have added a description and 4 pictures as well as adding markers along the way. What I am trying to do is grade these 1-5. The idea is to be able to find great routes without being swamped by routes which are difficult to follow/understand. As this one doesn't have a PDF routesheet, I've designated it a grade 4 as it was a lovely route (Thanks Peter and Jenny) and has nearly everything else. This is what i'll be doing in the future. https://tandem-club.org.uk/rides?cmd=view&id=310

Anthony Blake2021-08-15 12:02:10TandemClub

My Wife, Lyn and I have recently taken up tandem cycling in Wiltshire and are keen to know if anyone else around our area is interested in North Wiltshire routes. We would love to get more involved in the Tandem club and meet like minded members.

Peter Weeks2021-08-20 11:15:42TandemClub

Anthony, Lyn welcome to the club. If you are in the Swindon SN postcode area you are in the West of England Group. This is an active group covering BR, BS and SN postcode areas incl Wiltshire. Hope to see you on a ride soon.

Peter Weeks2021-08-20 11:18:55TandemClub

In case you get a letter - Club is having a final push to get everyone onto the correct subscription rates. £15 pa for 1 year; £60 for 5 years for a Full Member + 1 Joint Member.

Please check you are paying the correct amount as wrong payments cause extra work. 


Peter Weeks, Chair 

Peter Weeks2021-08-21 14:24:11TandemClub
Tandem Club 50th Birthday ride
Tandem Club 50th Birthday ride

The Tandem Club began in Charlbury (Oxon) on 9 Oct 1971. Jonathan and Tessa Cox invite all TC Members on a 50km (for 50 years) ride on 9 Oct 2021. Start and end in Charlbury; moderate amount of climbing with a few sharp hills.

Options for food in Witney and Eynsham.

Further details, including parking, to be confirmed dependent upon numbers. Please RSVP / PM Jonathan Cox   jcoxuk-nlc@yahoo.co.uk    to join the ride.
Link to route:

Peter Weeks2021-09-01 07:46:32TandemClub

Thanks to all who have paid the right amount for your annual or your 5-year subscription for Club membership.

Rates for a Full Member plus 1 Joint Member (+ children under 18 at home) are £15 pa or £60 for 5 years.

Please pay the correct amount as the Club will only accept correct payments from 1 Sept 2021. Thanks.

Robert Bending2022-06-22 14:59:06TandemClub

Articles and content are needed for the next edition of the Tandem Club Journal. It could be an account of a day ride, or a long tour, preferably with good quality photos. Any technical notes, queries, solutions or customisation would also be of interest I'm sure. Send content to editor@tandem-club.org.uk

Neil Wheadon2022-08-13 00:22:37TandemClub
National 2023

The date for the National in 2023 has been set at Sunday 6th August 2023 to Sunday 13thAugust 2023. Based in Stratford-upon-Avon, it wil follow the usual format of rides, velocio and evening events. More details to follow

Robert Bending2022-09-12 07:38:50TandemClub

Club short sleeve and long sleeve tops are available at competitive prices from https://customsportskit.co.uk/cycling-clubs/the-tandem-club/

Terry Barnaby2023-02-19 18:39:28TandemClub
Rides navigate new feature

There is a new experimental feature on the TC Rides system. There is a Navigate function that will show where you are on a map and show all of the huge number of Places of interest around you that Neil and others has added to the system. Useful for finding the closest coffee stop! The link to this is here navigate, you can add this to your Phones home screen to get at it quickly. To see the growing number of rides click on Rides, there are over 560 now and over 7000 places of interest!

Robert Bending2023-06-12 09:55:36TandemClub

Possible stolen tandem: Found in the Windsor area, a Landscape tandem. If you think this is your's please Contact The Tandem Experience & Tandem Shop The John Rose Building High Street Coalport Shropshire TF8 7HT UK - 01952 458340, E: info@tandeming.co.uk

Robert Bending2023-07-18 10:47:09TandemClub

The Landscape Tandem found in the Windsor area has not been claimed and was therefore donated to Charlotte's Tandems.

Neil Wheadon2023-08-17 18:37:01TandemClub

Nearly 100 Tandems took part at Tandem 2023 in Stratford-upon-Avon, thankyou to everyone that took part. See you all again in Northumberland in 2024

Robert Bending2024-03-19 17:27:21TandemClub

Easter Rally Routes: Please note the lane South of The Rowbarge Pub in Wollhampton is closed to traffic due to a large pot-hole. It is likely to remain closed for the duration of the rally but there is a gap between the barriers and the hedge wide enough for bikes to be walked through. The closed section is only about 15 yards.

Tracey Smith2024-05-26 06:23:23TandemClub

Hi, we have a 1200k Audax in September starting from Deventer in NL. Would any members, especially NL members know the best way to use the trains or any other method to get us and the Tandem from Rotterdam port to Deventer. We are currently at the ITR if possible to discuss this.

Phil Harmer2024-06-22 19:54:12TandemClub
Bookings for Alnwick rally have closed

The rally bookings and T-shirt / hoodie bookings for TCN2024 closed closed on Sunday 30th June.

223 people have booked.

Further information about the rally will be published soon, including rides.

John Lowe2024-07-24 08:32:03TandemClub

Two more scammers Stephen Kyle and James Lewsen from John Lowe