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Tandems for sale
Tea and biscuits at the end of the ride
Tea and biscuits at the end of the ride

We are the club for all tandemists and would-be tandemists - 

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  • Three rallies a year; two in the UK and an International rally
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03/09/2021Peter WeeksTandem Club in the news
Tandem Club in the news

The local papers in Witney have picked up that we are coming to Charlbury on 9 October for the 50th birthday ride:

For more info What's On: and the event page at:

01/09/2021Peter WeeksSubscriptions

Thanks to all who have paid the right amount for your annual or your 5-year subscription for Club membership.

Rates for a Full Member plus 1 Joint Member (+ children under 18 at home) are £15 pa or £60 for 5 years.

Please pay the correct amount as the Club will only accept correct payments from 1 Sept 2021. Thanks.

21/08/2021Peter WeeksTandem Club 50th Birthday ride
Tandem Club 50th Birthday ride

The Tandem Club began in Charlbury (Oxon) on 9 Oct 1971. Jonathan and Tessa Cox invite all TC Members on a 50km (for 50 years) ride on 9 Oct 2021. Start and end in Charlbury; moderate amount of climbing with a few sharp hills.

Options for food in Witney and Eynsham.

Further details, including parking, to be confirmed dependent upon numbers. Please RSVP / PM Jonathan Cox    to join the ride.
Link to route: 

20/08/2021Peter WeeksSubscriptions

In case you get a letter - Club is having a final push to get everyone onto the correct subscription rates. £15 pa for 1 year; £60 for 5 years for a Full Member + 1 Joint Member.

Please check you are paying the correct amount as wrong payments cause extra work. 


Peter Weeks, Chair 

20/08/2021Peter Weeks
Anthony, Lyn welcome to the club. If you are in the Swindon SN postcode area you are in the West of England Group. This is an active group covering BR, BS and SN postcode areas incl Wiltshire. Hope to see you on a ride soon.
Mike and Kim, thanks for getting in touch. We ended up buying an Ecosmo tandem. We are very pleased with it. Thanks again Stephen
Hub brakes on tandems are a minefield. The most popular were British Hub Co brakes and they were never very good. I had some reshod and after a few years one jammed on me and locked the front wheel resulting in the front forks bending. I replaced the forks and had a Mafac cantilever fitted which wor more ...
Hi Jill and Eifion, I used to sell Dawes tandems, it would be helpful to see a close-up photograph of your tandem headset and fork crown. Dawes used a number of different headsets, the original ones were Tange chrome, however, would expect yours to be of a later design which can affect the overall s more ...
We would also be happy to participate 8
18/10/2021October 2021 Report
October 2021 ReportTwenty-four riders, (including the youngest rider, five-year-old Matilda Warren, with her dad James) on eleven tandems and two "half bikes" met at Barleymow's Farm Shop, Chard for the Taunton Tandem Group's October ride. After a quick coffee and pre-ride chat the group set off down the lanes on the more ...
Crossing the A1
I keep saying this, but another great ride and day out. 11 tandems and a solo yesterday for our ride out from Newark to Doddington Hall.
Georgeand Marian Dryden have a Cannondale tandem in very good condition for sale. If interested please email or phone 01913892492 good confor slae
28/09/2021September 2021 Report
The Taunton Tandem Group's September ride followed the Taunton Cycle Trail, which is a route devised and promoted by the Taunton Area Cycling Campaign ('TACC'). TACC works hard to promote safer cycling and the interests of cyclists in the Taunton area. The route circumnavigates Taunton, mostly on qu more ...
You'll note that I've added upcoming ride dates, will add detail as I build and check the rides.