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German tandemists
German tandemists

Join the Tandem Club today. We are the club for all tandemists and would-be tandemists. Benefits:

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Humberside Tandem group will be heading out from Baysgarth Leisure Centre at Barton Upon Humer on Sunday 18 Oct 20 at 1030. heading out over the Humber bridge, up to Skidby Mill for a brew andaround through Little Weighton to Rowley and on to North Ferriby back over the Bridge to the start. 44.7 KM roughly 3 hours.
Highway Code consultation

The Department for Transport seek views on changes to the Highway Code to improve road safety, and so as a club we will make a submission on behalf of tandemists. If you wish to contribute to the Club’s response, which is set out in the latest TCJ, please send your comments to Eifion Francis and Jonathan Flower. Details below.

There are 3 main changes proposed:

  1. Introducing a hierarchy of road users - those who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility
  2. Clarifying rules for pedestrian priority
  3. Guidance on safe passing distances and speeds when overtaking cyclists and priority at junction
The proposals should make tandeming on UK roads safer and more enjoyable and they might even encourage others to join our ranks!  We think that improvements can still be made however and our draft tandem-specific suggestions in outline are:
  1. Tandem riders need to exercise greater prudence and responsibility than ordinary bicycles.
  2. Special mention should be made for tandems and other ‘non-standard’ forms of cycles, which may be longer, wider or less manoeuvrable than a conventional single bicycle. 
  3. It should be made clear that people who cycle, especially on tandems and adapted cycles, may have impaired sight, hearing or mobility.
  4. The proposals about cycle crossings could be strengthened.
  5. The proposals advise cyclists to: “ ...leav(e) enough room (a door’s width or 0.5m) to avoid being hit if a door opens unexpectedly ..."  We think 0.5m is not enough when passing parked vehicles especially on a tandem which is less manoeuvrable
  6. ‘bicycle’ should be replaced by the more inclusive ‘cycle’ which embraces trikes, hand cycles and other variants  
  7. Clubs such as the Tandem Club could help promote and disseminate these changes.

Comments to be included in the Tandem Club response must be received by 20 October.  Please send comments to: eifandjill@aol.com or jonathan.flower@uwe.ac.uk


The TC website group along with our Journals editor have been busy modernising the style of the TC website. We hope you like the new style !  There is on-going work to improve this style and to improve the websites functionality. To login please use the "User/Login" top menu item of the "User" quick link icon at the top of the webpage. Some of the webpage content still needs editing, GPS files need adding and we need additional articles and content for the website, so we are looking for TC member volunteers to help out. If you can spare a bit of time to help the club, please contact us at: internetgroup@tandem-club.org.uk



Article currently on the front page of Cycling UK  website and will be featured in Cycle Clips 14 August.  Should create interest in the Tandem Club and attract new members


The Club is in the Daily Mail Online:


So just a bit of closure on this.Before I started my eccentric bottom bracket was adjusted fully forward and I felt the synch chain was to loose. Took out a link and now too tight with the BB fully to the rear. Put the half link in and now adjustment is spot on with the BB in the middle of it's rang more ...
We have a (British) Pendle roof rack - the front forks bolt on with the bike upright. The rear wheel is strapped in plus there is an extra frame support bar. It is a basic design & would be easy to replicate with box section & a little welding/cutting It works well & value is ok. However, if we do n more ...
Posts on spoke breakages on older tandems would fill a book sadly so I won't go there. You definately need a decent rear wheel whether or not you decide to go off touring. Would be good to copy some wheel pics on this post and of your Globetrotter so we can see what you have. Depending on how robust more ...
Photo of Hollandia Rathburn BugBear
October 2020 ReportWell. How do you organise a tandem ride with 12 tandems that can only cycle in groups of three? Some of them want to be challenged; some of them want to have a leisurely social; some are very fit and young; others are.......less fit and young. This is how we did it. Four routes were sent out by emai more ...
Thanks to everyone in the Lancashire and Cumbria Group for keeping me up to date with their tandem activities and sending photos. If anyone in the group would like to join in next Sunday's Zoom session (November 1st, 7:30PM) then drop me an email for details. Thanks, Stephen Email stephen.webb001@gm more ...
Sun was out and the wind was blowing so we managed a cheeky 26 mile round robin ride around the hills of North Lincolnshire. Anybody who thinks this area is flat has never ridden up the 17.5% gradient at Bonby. The trusty Dawes managed it (just) and we live to fight another day.
18 Oct 20, HTC met at the Baysgarth Leisure Centre. Derek & Wendy Perry and Pete & Lyn Hobson. A planned route to the northern lands, tother side of the big bridge. A non storming or pillaging ride. A ride of hospitality, to sample the water of Yorkshire and feast upon the cakes they had to offer. B more ...
On the 11th October 2020, Peter & Lyn Hobson met Derek & Wendy Perry had agreed to meet in the small village of South Ferriby. 3 miles from the Humber Bridge. This was the first meeting of the Humberside Tandem Club. Both teams greeted each other with enthusiasm. Following greetings and introduction more ...
On the 11th October 2020, Peter & Lyn Hobson met Derek & Wendy Perry had agreed to meet in the small village of South Ferriby. 3 miles from the Humber Bridge. This was the first meeting of the Humberside Tandem Club. Both teams greeted each other with enthusiasm. Following greetings and introduction more ...