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Camping Lez-Eaux
Camping Lez-Eaux

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13/08/2022Neil WheadonNational 2023
The date for the National in 2023 has been set at Sunday 6th August 2023 to Sunday 13thAugust 2023. Based in Stratford-upon-Avon, it wil follow the usual format of rides, velocio and evening events. More details to follow
22/06/2022Robert Bending
Articles and content are needed for the next edition of the Tandem Club Journal. It could be an account of a day ride, or a long tour, preferably with good quality photos. Any technical notes, queries, solutions or customisation would also be of interest I'm sure. Send content to editor@tandem-club.org.uk
27/02/2022Terry Carpenter
We had a great morning ride out and coffee stop at Roadwater with Janet and Mike on solo bikes along with two other ladies sorry didn’t get their names. Weather was lovely, company and riding was great
03/09/2021Peter WeeksTandem Club in the news
Tandem Club in the news

The local papers in Witney have picked up that we are coming to Charlbury on 9 October for the 50th birthday ride:


For more info What's On: https://tandem-club.org.uk/whatsOn?cmd=view&id=3308 and the event page at: https://tandem-club.org.uk/events/tcb2021/index.html

01/09/2021Peter WeeksSubscriptions

Thanks to all who have paid the right amount for your annual or your 5-year subscription for Club membership.

Rates for a Full Member plus 1 Joint Member (+ children under 18 at home) are £15 pa or £60 for 5 years.

Please pay the correct amount as the Club will only accept correct payments from 1 Sept 2021. Thanks.

I successfully sold my Canondale recently but not before I had got caught up in a potential fraud. Someone in France sent me a cheque to pay for the tandem but my bank refused it saying it was part of a fraud. The only place I had advertised it was on this site - so beware the cheque fraud! In fact, more ...
So my next enquiry having been pointed in the right direction for crank shortening is, does anyone have an old stokers triple/single square taper crank sets that they would want to hire out, loan or sell as there is four to six week waiting when I send my cranks for shortening? Thanks to all who hav more ...
Sounds great. We don't have a camper van and don't do real camping, so welcome rallies with fixed accommodation of any kind, and are sure that there are other members who would too.
In response to Kevin's note regarding hydraulic brakes, you can get couplers for split frame tandems. They are expensive but do work, what you will find is that you may need to bleed the brakes more often depending on how often you split the frame. I found that every couple of years is the norm spli more ...
16/08/2022July 2022 Report
July 2022 ReportWe all know that the secret to a good cycle ride is about getting the right ratios. Ratio of conversation and climbing, the ratio of cake size to plate size, the ratio of eating time to cycling time...! A group of 8 tandems gathered at Halberton Farm shop, near Tiverton (most people will have heard more ...
16/08/2022June 2022 Report
June 2022 ReportThe Taunton Tandem group were offered an irresistible trio of adventures for their June ride. With their usual discerning taste they all opted for the middle option, labelled a cheeky challenge for the rider with more mature aspirations. A mere 24 miles with a rise of about 1,500ft the five tandems more ...
Saying hi to fellow tandem enthusiasts in Norfolk or close, and hoping to see two, four or six of you perhaps on a ride in the autumn (2022). Not quite sure yet how this group website works, but no doubt all will become clear as I experiment, and get things wrong...
We have arrived on site. Please note the bar does not accept card payment so please bring cash. The on site ATM charges for cash withdrawals. In Germany cash is king!!
Only a week to the Sutton's BBQ at Mudeford on Saturday 2nd July, preceded by a ride led by Stephen and Jill Gray from Mudeford to Burley for coffee, where some tandems may join direct from home. If you have not already received details, please contact sheila.lymington@gmail.com
15/06/2022Lancashire and Cumbria Group - Lisa and Matt's LEJOG Challenge
Lancashire and Cumbria Group - Lisa and Matt's LEJOG ChallengeTwo of our group, Lisa and her son Matt, are cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats to raise money for 2 charities, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Motor Neurone Disease (MNDA). Here is a press release issued by North Lancashire's Beyond Radio. https://www.beyondradio.co.uk/news/local-news/lancaster- more ...