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Join the Tandem Club today. We are the club for all tandemists and would-be tandemists. Benefits:

  • Three rallies a year
  • Bi-monthly 48-page magazine on everything to do with tandems (spoken-word edition for VI members)
  • Local groups for day and weekend group rides
  • For Sale and Wanted boards
  • Database of GPS and route sheet rides
  • Advice and help
30/12/2020Terry BarnabyWebsite login

Note you can no longer login to the website using the generic Journal month based logins. This has been done for security reasons. You now need to have an individual user login on the website based on your email address. This can be setup using this link:

26/12/2020Neil Wheadon

If it's raining outside and you'd like something to do then why not add a few icons to the Tandem Club ride map. I've added over 1000 and the map is looking pretty good for the South West. Anything from teashops to Farm Parks to Ancient Monuments that can be visited for free. There really is nothing like this anywhere else and if every member did just 10 that map would look prety impressive and would be a fabulous thing. Go on you know you want to, brew a cup of tea, grab a mince pie and look at Just Shift/left click on the place, add a description and away you go. Any question, I'm about at

09/12/2020Peter Hobson
My wife and I, Have a Tandem called the White Rabbit. It is named after a loving bunny we have called Jester. Jester is a 18 Month old, Continental Giant, Red eyed White rabbit. He was born on the 01 April, Hence the name Jester. For charity Jester has had a Children's book published. Entitled Jester's 1st Christmas. it is available from Amazon. All money raised from the sale of the book will go to Charity. The book can be obtained from amazon at the following link.
07/10/2020Peter WeeksHighway Code consultation

The Department for Transport seek views on changes to the Highway Code to improve road safety, and so as a club we will make a submission on behalf of tandemists. If you wish to contribute to the Club’s response, which is set out in the latest TCJ, please send your comments to Eifion Francis and Jonathan Flower. Details below.

There are 3 main changes proposed:

  1. Introducing a hierarchy of road users - those who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility
  2. Clarifying rules for pedestrian priority
  3. Guidance on safe passing distances and speeds when overtaking cyclists and priority at junction
The proposals should make tandeming on UK roads safer and more enjoyable and they might even encourage others to join our ranks!  We think that improvements can still be made however and our draft tandem-specific suggestions in outline are:
  1. Tandem riders need to exercise greater prudence and responsibility than ordinary bicycles.
  2. Special mention should be made for tandems and other ‘non-standard’ forms of cycles, which may be longer, wider or less manoeuvrable than a conventional single bicycle. 
  3. It should be made clear that people who cycle, especially on tandems and adapted cycles, may have impaired sight, hearing or mobility.
  4. The proposals about cycle crossings could be strengthened.
  5. The proposals advise cyclists to: “ ...leav(e) enough room (a door’s width or 0.5m) to avoid being hit if a door opens unexpectedly ..."  We think 0.5m is not enough when passing parked vehicles especially on a tandem which is less manoeuvrable
  6. ‘bicycle’ should be replaced by the more inclusive ‘cycle’ which embraces trikes, hand cycles and other variants  
  7. Clubs such as the Tandem Club could help promote and disseminate these changes.

Comments to be included in the Tandem Club response must be received by 20 October.  Please send comments to: or

21/09/2020Terry BarnabyUpdated website style

The TC website group along with our Journals editor have been busy modernising the style of the TC website. We hope you like the new style !  There is on-going work to improve this style and to improve the websites functionality. To login please use the "User/Login" top menu item of the "User" quick link icon at the top of the webpage. Some of the webpage content still needs editing, GPS files need adding and we need additional articles and content for the website, so we are looking for TC member volunteers to help out. If you can spare a bit of time to help the club, please contact us at:

Found Thankyou very much
I've organised events for over 25 years, starting with the Tandem Club, lateraly with CTC Holidays for 17 years and now with 9 other ex CTC Holiday leaders with Bikexplore During that time I have written maybe 50 route sheets with GPX instructions a year from the UK to Japan In that time I have used more ...
On the Club's Facebook Group we post a "join the Club" message every month or two which always brings in new Members. Would you like to write a few words saying why you joined and what you enjoy about the Club and let me have it to post on FB. (More interesting than hearing from me every time). Than more ...
We have just joined the club so sorry this is a bit late. Having used a standard chain/gear Burley Softride tandem for over 20 years we bought a Landescape Rohloff Belt Tandem a few years ago. Gear changing is no problem; I am a lot heavier than my wife which may help! The big advantages for us are more ...
03/01/2021December 2020 Report
December 2020 ReportThe Taunton Group's Christmas ride was held on December 13th and started with socially distanced coffee and cake in the gazebo outside Mr Miles Tea Rooms in the High Street in Taunton. Two groups of 3 tandems set off in different directions. Ian and Lisa had planned four routes but unfortunately the more ...
28/12/2020Update Three Counties Area
Update Three Counties Area We're Linda and Mark and have recently offered to coordinate the rides and rekindle the Three Counties area of the Tandem Club. We've been riding our Orbit Lightening Tandem seriously for just a few years and love it! We also enjoy riding our solo bikes, sportifs, leisure riding and touring. If you more ...
Dear Friends, We would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and Healthy new year. We are hoping that we wil be able to ride as groups come the spring of 2021. We would like to say a big thank you to Richard and Anne, Liz and Mark for Leading rides this year and putting on splendid refr more ...
Dear Friends, We would like to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and Healthy new year. We are hoping that we wil be able to ride as groups come the spring of 2021. We would like to say a big thank you to Richard and Anne, Liz and Mark for Leading rides this year and putting on splendid refr more ...
TC Humberside Region Club Christmas Quiz Numbers and words, the numbers remain but the words have been removed with the first letter of the word remains. For instance. 6 T in the S N. = 6 teams in the 6 Nations. There will be a small prize for the winner. E-Mail or post answers back closing date 31 more ...
14/12/2020Festive Quiz
19 members from the Lancashire and Cumbria Group took part in our Festive Quiz organised by Simon and Hayley. Surprisingly, we all found the bike logos round quite difficult! A great time was had by all and a big thanks to Simon and Hayley for organising it. Lockdown Tiers permitting, we will get ba more ...