International Tandem Rally 2018

Saturday 18th - Saturday 25th August

Krono Camping

Rally Routes

Welcome to the routes for the rally. We have not been able to produce turn by turn instructions but as navigating the island is fairly simple you should not have any difficulty with the gpx and maps. We have not allocated particular days for each ride so as not to overload the cafes etc. There are four routes to the North, four routes to the South and five routes on the mainland. Each day you are free to select a route and distance to suit your preference. There are no led rides so you can make up a small group or ride alone and set off when you are ready. 
The routes from Kalmar start at the ferry terminal in Kalmar so you need to add 12Km. for the trip to and from the ferry. The ferry takes approximately 30 minutes, bikes go free of charge. Please check the ferry times for your return journey as cycling is not allowed across the bridge. There is no ferry service on Sundays. Ferry Timetable from August 13th.2018.
The Ride with GPS link takes you to Ridewithgps website with a variety of options for tailoring your download to your specific device. There are also route profiles and other information. The pdf file below contains maps and other information about the rides.

pdf sheet of all routes, maps and ferry times

To download a gpx file right click on the link and select 'save as'.

Route Description Ridewithgps gpx
North 1 Glomminge (7) Stora Ror (16) Ralla (21) Sattra (30) Himmelsberga (36) Sodra Back (46) Saxnas (59) link gpx
North 2 Stora Fro (12) Sattra (26) Himmelsberga (32) Jagarhem (38) Saxnas (48) link gpx
North 3 Haltorp (17k) Borgholf Slot (26) Borgholm (29) Kopingsvik (33) Himmelsberga (53) Saxnas (73) link gpx
North 4 Haltorp (17k) Borgholf Slot (26) Borgholm (29) Kopingsvik(33) Djupvik (52) Bredsattra (75) Saxnas (111) link gpx
South 1 Farjestaden (6) Stora Fro (16) Morbylanga (24) Gardby(62) Nora Mockleby (70) Saxnas (87) link gpx
South 2 Farjestaden (6) Stora Fro (16) Morbylanga (24) Kastlosa(36) Triberga (52) Gardby (69) Saxnas (87) link gpx
South 3 Stora Fro (16) Morbylanga (24) Kastlosa(32) Stora Mockleby (45) Triberga (69)Gardby (86) Saxnas (104) link gpx
South 4 Farjestaden (6k) Vickleby (15) Stora Fro (18) Gardby(43) Saxnas (62) link gpx
Kalmar 1 Kalmar Lindsdal (9) Forlosa (14) Kristvallabrunn (29) Trekanten (39) Lungbyholm (49) Kalmar (62) link gpx
Kalmar 2 Kalmar Rockneby (24)Forlosa (35) Lindsale (40) Kalmar (54) link gpx
Kalmar 3 Kalmar Lindsdal (9k) Smedby (16) Lungbyholm (23) Kalmar (38) link gpx
Kalmar 4 Kalmar Smedby (8)Trekanten (18) Paryds (44) Ljungbyholm (68) Kalmar (82) link gpx
Castle 4 k route to Castle and Cathedral link gpx