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ITR 2016 Tandem games
ITR 2016 Tandem games


International Tandem Rally 2018

Saturday 18 August 2018 - Saturday 25 August 2018

Booking Form

Bookings to be received by Tuesday 17 July 2018

Important Notes

  • This event is open to UK or overseas Tandem Club Members or, in the case of overseas people, members of the following organisations: "Tandem Club of America", "Tandem Club de France", "Tandem Club NL (Netherlands)", "Tandem ClubVlaanderen (Belgium)" and " (Germany)". You can join the Tandem Club using the forms on the TC website. Joining the TC (About 10 UKP per year)
  • All bookings to be received by Rally organisers by: Tuesday 17 July 2018. Subject to availability.
  • The Rally fee covers the costs incurred in arranging the rally. This includes equipment costs, evening event costs, Postage and printing of route instructions plus all the other bits and pieces to make it all happen.
  • Tandem Club Membership numbers are on the mailing label for your Journal or on any renewal forms. Please enter your cycling clubs name for overseas non TC members. If you don't know your membership number enter "Unknown" in the membership number box and we will find it for you or email us at: so we can find it for you.
  • If you are bringing a Caranvan, Motor Home or Trailer Tent please provide the dimensions. If there is no towbar set the length without towbar value to the overal length.

Booking procedure

  1. Please complete this form and then use the "Calculate" button at the end to calculate the payments. Make sure you choose the payment type (card, bacs or cheque) and currency type you will be using to pay.
  2. Dates of birth only need to be entered (changed from the default) for people below the age of 18.
  3. Check the payment values and if Ok use the "Book" button to book for the event. You will be sent an email with the booking information and will be given a "BookingRef".
  4. Please then pay in one of the following ways:
    • For card payments click on the "Pay on Credit or Debit Card" button that is displayed after the "Book" button is pressed and you will be taken to a secure payments page.
    • For people in the UK you can pay in pounds sterling using BACS (direct bank transfer) to the Tandem Clubs account.
    • For people in the UK you can post a cheque in pounds sterling for total amount, with name of Party Leader and booking reference on the reverse, payable to: "The Tandem Club".
    • For european bookings you can pay in euros by direct bank transfer to a european bank.
    • For international bookings outside Europe pay by direct money transfer to the euros account given above, or in Euro's cash on arrival on the rally site.
    Please use the booking reference provided as the BACS payment reference and on the back of cheques. The booking reference, account number details and address to post cheques will be given after you book.
  5. Note that the TAB key can be used to move to the next field
  6. If you have any problems with the booking form or system please email:

Names of All Attending

ItemForenameSurnameMale/Female (Male ticked)Date of Birth
Name 0: Party Leader
Name 1
Name 2
Name 3
Name 4
Name 5


TC Membership Number or Other Cycling organisation name
Postal Address (First line or 2)
Email Address
Telephone (with code)
Mobile Telephone (with code)
Vehicle Registration
Arrival Date
Departure Date
Caravan/MotorHome/TrailerTent: Length with towbar (cm)
Caravan/MotorHome/TrailerTent: Length without towbar (cm)
Caravan/MotorHome/TrailerTent: Width (cm)
Payment Type
Payment Currency
Additional Information
T-Shirts S (Number of)
T-Shirts M (Number of)
T-Shirts L (Number of)
T-Shirts XL (Number of)
T-Shirts XXL (Number of)
T-Shirts Child 24 (Number of)
T-Shirts Child 26 (Number of)
T-Shirts Child 28 (Number of)
T-Shirts Child 30 (Number of)
T-Shirts Child 32 (Number of)
T-Shirts Child 34 (Number of)


This section is automatically filled in from the above information. Please press the "Calculate" button to make sure this is updated.
Rally fee adultPer adult (18+)
Campsite pitchPer week
Campsite pitch priorPer day
Campsite pitch afterPer day
T-Shirts AdultEach
T-Shirts ChildEach


  • First use the Calculate button to calculate the cost and validate the booking. Once this has been done please use the Book button.
  • Please do not use the back button to edit and re-submit once sent. Contact the administrators to change the booking.
  • Please see the Booking procedure info at the top of this form for details on how to pay.
  • The rally fee will not be refunded after the closing date. Refund of other components will depend on what the Club can recover from the campsite and/or other suppliers.
  • Photographs taken at the event may be published on the Tandem Club Website and/or The Tandem Club Journal.

If you participate in any ride or event organised by the Tandem Club, you do so entirely at your own risk. The club, its officers and ride organisers accept no responsibility for loss, damage to property, accident, injury, or death, that may occur, however caused, whether by negligence, deliberate act or otherwise.