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This is a Tandem Club regional group.

Kevin Smith2019-12-23 11:40:43Nottinghamshire

Hi all,

I've just taken on the role of Regional Organiser for the Notts region. Over the holiday period, I will contact all members with a view of gauging interest for runs out and social gatherings.

Looking forward to meeting members, and meanwhile, watch this space for news on group rides/meetings. 

Kevin Smith2021-03-22 11:34:57Nottinghamshire

Good morning all, It was really great to meet everyone on the call Zoom yesterday evening, thank you for attending and all the input everyone gave. We hope the group will go on to flourish, and we can all be part of a friendly, social and active group. Just a few notes to share with the group from our meeting. Attendee's location Kevin & Tracey Smith- Sherwood. Colin & Rosy Gray- West Bridgford. Andrew & Sally Wheeler- Grantham. Steve & Irene Dickman- Fiskerton. Simon & Jill Cocker- Grantham. After introductions, we discussed possible dates for our first tandem outing as a group, taking into account the governments planned easing of restrictions. 1st ride Sunday 13th June 2021 Meet at Trent Bridge- Bridge Café/sandwich bar. No toilets here, only a small venue. Around 40 miles with stop midway through the ride for refreshments – Through The Gate. An interesting Buffalow farm, c/w derivative food products! Group aiming at staying together/regroup as required – its not a race! Ride to be added to Tandem club website (whats on section) and emailed out to all on Nottinghamshire regional group email- with meeting point, GPX route. We would look at alternating start locations for future rides. Dates for monthly rides TBC, but initially second Sunday of month? Although not mentioned during the Zoom meeting, if you have any ride suggestions or are happy to lead a ride, please speak up. Hoping to see you all soon Kevin & Tracey

David Boden2021-05-31 08:56:58Nottinghamshire

hey that's great... I hope to be riding with you soon... I am just awaiting for my wife legs..

Kevin Smith2021-06-16 11:16:05Nottinghamshire

Our inaugural Nottinghamshire regional club ride took place last Sunday. A great 40m route in the most perfect weather

Kevin Smith2021-08-23 08:10:36Nottinghamshire

Another great group ride out yesterday. We had seven Tandems turn out, the weather held out, in fact it became quite warm. our new group is growing rapidly, with more than a doubling of numbers since the first one. with 30 members in the region, im sure there's still more to come.

Kevin Smith2021-08-23 08:14:01Nottinghamshire

Gannets Cafe

Colin Gray2021-08-23 08:21:34Nottinghamshire

Yes nice ride yesterday and it was really good to get 7 tandems out. Really enjoyed the company.

Kevin Smith2021-09-26 08:59:35Nottinghamshire
September Group Ride

Byards Leap,

Another great ride out yesterday, to the above location for a late Brunch. weather better than forecast, in fact, it became warmer as the day went on. A nice steady pace, made for a very social affair indeed, leading to a full day out on the bike.


For anyone wishing to know where the name 'Byards leap' came from. Its the legend of a horse by the same name, leaping 60ft in the air as the rider slayed a local witch!  There is a commemorative plaque nearby. 

Kevin Smith2021-09-28 15:32:30Nottinghamshire

You'll note that I've added upcoming ride dates, will add detail as I build and check the rides.

Kevin Smith2021-10-11 17:40:32Nottinghamshire

I keep saying this, but another great ride and day out. 11 tandems and a solo yesterday for our ride out from Newark to Doddington Hall.

Kevin Smith2021-10-11 17:44:58Nottinghamshire

Crossing the A1

14/11/2021 Nottinghamshire
40 mile loop from Sibthorpe, via Cropwell Butler, Long Clawson, Redmile and Scarrington, with a lunch stop at Hickling wharf cafe.   Ride route GPX/TCX
Contact: Kevin Smith Tel: 07879411059 Email:
12/12/2021 Nottinghamshire
Christmas Lunch date. The lodge has confirmed they can accommodate us. 
Contact: Kevin Smith Tel: 07879411059 Email:
09/01/2022 Nottinghamshire
Just populating dates, details to be confirmed, usual start location, but may look to change to allow exploration elsewhere. 
Contact: Kevin Smith Tel: 07879411059 Email:
Map Reference: 52.9917, -0.860107
Ride length: 67 km
40 mile loop from Sibthorpe, via Cropwell Butler, Long Clawson, Redmile and Scarrington, with a lunch stop at Hickling wharf cafe.
Map Reference: 53.0801, -0.812915
Ride length: 62 km
38 mile loop out to Doddington Hall via Sustrans 647. Unfortunately the Newark Castle Rail car park is payable @ ?2.50/day, but this allows us to explore further afield, Cafe and toilets available from 10am. Point to note - the first part of the 647 is compact shale/grit, but perfectly rideable, dra ...
Map Reference: 52.992, -0.86038
Ride length: 67 km
41 mile loop out to the Country Kitchen at Byards Leap, near Cranwell. Mainly flat route with 2 noticeable, but very doable climbs. Start location has lots of parking and pre-ride refreshments available. Longhedge Lane, Sibthorpe, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG23 5PN. Leave at 10am