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low step tandem distance between riders

Stephen Todd2024-05-31 09:42:18

We ride a Viking tandem, fairly basic but adequate for our slow, shortish rides. I'm having more and more difficulty in getting over the front top tube, so we are considering easier low(ish) step alternatives.

We tried a Circe Helios, which didn't suit us for a couple of reasons:

  • It was lower step than the Viking, but not that low.
  • My wife found the distance between us too close.

We are wondering how that would compare to other options such as Van Raam Twinny and Bernds low step. Difficult to get to try or even see one, so for a quick guide I'm interested in the saddle to saddle, or more precisely the bottom bracket to bottom bracket distance on those tandems, and on any other similar style tandems anyone can suggest. That might help us rule out some options without having to travel to see one. Of course, in the end we will need to try.

I'd appreciate any measurements on owners' bikes, or comments/suggestions.

Thanks, Stephen

p.s. For reference, our Viking has bottom bracket distance 27".

Peter Mynors2024-05-31 12:22:38

Have you considered a Pino?  These have a relatively low crossbar to step over.  An additional advantage is that both riders get the same view ahead and it is easy to talk to each other.  There is often a used Pino available via the TC for sale section.


Jon Collins2024-05-31 12:56:51
And if you want more on a Hase Pino, I have one all up together that is unused for a couple of years that I have not got round to advertising yet. Its not had a lot of use. Jon C
Stephen Todd2024-05-31 14:30:54

The Pino looks interesting; I'd seen them before but forgotten about them. The step over is higher than I'd like, but certainly better than our current one.

Where is yours, Jon? We are in Winchester.

Jon Collins2024-05-31 15:51:35
Handy Stephen, I am about 5 miles from Romsey. You are very welcome to come and look and even try the Pino regardless of any transaction. Best to message me on 07768714082 Rgds Jon
Michael Brooks2024-05-31 15:53:21
https://ecosmobike.com/collections/folding-tandem-bicyclesI friend of mine has recently purchased one of these as he is starting to have the same issues with step over as you. 
Ruth Hargreaves2024-06-01 15:06:53
The Staerk has low step through, bottom brackets are 27" apart. We have one here at JD Tandems for you to test ride.
Stephen Todd2024-06-02 16:29:54

Thanks for the replies.

Jon: That sounds good, I'll be in touch fairly soon.
Michael; I'd seen the Ecosmo in searches but think it would still be a bit high.
Ruth: The Staerk looks lovely, but too expensive for us I'm afraid.





Ruth Hargreaves2024-06-04 12:19:04
Hi Stephen, the Staerk model I have is top of the range, they do non electric assist versions at much more affordable prices..