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Hiring a tandem in Europe

John Johnson2023-11-26 13:11:55

Hi all.

We've just renewed our membership!  We'd like to do a tour in Europe again next year, but we don't want to take our bike on the plane and we don't want to use European Bike Express, as we've done a lot of touring in France. 

We are thinking of Portugal, from Porto to Lisbon or vice-versa, or Croatia.  Or indeed anywhere thats good for biking!  We've also done the main attractions in Tuscany.  

But we need to hire a decent tandem! At home here we ride a Cannondale T2 and we'd like to rent something similar for a couple of weeks of self-guided touring.

Can anyone suggest a good bike hire company over in Portugal or other location. I've searched the web and CycleEurope is the best I can find.  They are coming back to me.

Many thanks. John and Anne Johnson.

Garry Miller2023-11-26 17:35:18
Can't really help with hiring as we have also struggled to find anywhere to hire what we really want, so we w3nt a different route. We took our own tandem via ferry on the car roof to Bilbao, which then gives you access to Northern Spain and Portugal without having to hire anything. Worth looking at for you?
David Gray2023-11-29 11:27:48


I came across this company, they might not be able to match your Cannondale, but looks like some good kit.

good luck