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nick davies2019-07-02 23:35:36

Hi I'm looking for a pair of tyres for my new to me beautiful 1999 dawes galaxy. Have some chunky heavy old tires that roll really slow.


We do 30 to 50 mile summer day or rides with friends and the odd weekend trip planned. Looking for something that will roll a bit quicker and with some punture resistance.


Currently 35mm treaded tyred on the 700c wheels. Mate has 32 mm contis but not gators rolls a lot quicker. 

Thanks for any advice


John Fazakerley2019-07-03 19:09:29

We generally run Continental GP4000 2's during the Summer, or if light touring swap to GP 4 season's. The former are noticeable quicker and more comfortable having a lighter more flexible carcass. They can also be bought cheaper since the release of the gp 5000! Width wise we use 28mm but our rims are quite narrow. If 32mm tyres fit well I would go for those. Happy tandemming whatever you choose 😃

Alan MacDonald2019-07-03 22:16:02

Nick, there was a recent post on the Tandem Club Facebook page about tyres, with quite a lot of advice. For what its worth we've used:

Panaracer Paselas 700c x 28, which are light and fast, but prone to pinch punctures if tyre pressure low.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700c x 28, which were heavier, still fast enough, but never had any punctures (which is really what we want to avoid).

Currently using Continental Gatorskin 700c x 32, which I think are excellent so far. No punctures and a fast tyre. 

nick davies2019-07-03 23:34:04

Thanks for all the reply I will try and check out the Facebook page. 

I am leaning towards gatorskin. Can I use the standard gatorskin or does it need to be the hardshell. 


The current marathon on the rear is so draggy and bouncy it feels so slow. I can imagine it's excellent for loaded up touring but hard work on faster club spins.


Many thanks Nick 

Terry Barnaby2019-07-04 07:04:15

We use Schwalbe Durano 700x32's tyres to great effect. They can take high enough preasures, roll really well, seem good at sticking to the road, have good pucture resistance and last for a reasonable time. They do a few variations with differing levels of puncture resistance.

Kevin Smith2019-07-04 15:57:54

Another vote for 32mm Gatorskin Hardshell, very sure footed and puncture resistant. Although there will be a wear trade off for the stickiness of the Black Chilli compound, but worth it as far as I’m concerned. Smooth central band for fast rolling. 

Martyn Aldis2019-07-05 17:00:42

I've found the Conti GPs with Black Chilli have excellent grip but as far as I know none of the Gatorskins use that tread compound. Conti GP GTs would be an option for a stronger sidewall with Black Chilli but the puncture protection is not the very best.

We have Marathon Supremes (Evolution) on our 26" wheel tandems and the latest version is very good in all respects. We have only used the older version Supreme in 32 - 622 (700c) and they seem a bit slower than the folding Vittoria Voyagers Hypers we have on our Cannondale at the moment.  The Vittorias were very cheap from Planet X but I think they are all gone.

I very much favour a kevlar bead tyre for tandem use.

nick davies2019-07-05 18:31:52

Hi Martyn brilliant tip. Just checked on planet x the vittoria 7.99 and three inner tubes for 21 quid. I checked the rolling resistance and punture stats and have to say look very impressive. Amazing bargain price. Thanks so much for heads up. 


Thanks also to each and all who provided advice. So helpful. Thank you. I hope you all have a lovely summer cycling :) 


Martyn Aldis2019-07-05 23:10:05


I can't see the folding Voyager Hypers there any more. My understanding is that the wired Voyager is a different and inferior tyre to the folding Voyager Hyper which had such good reviews and rolling test. This thread on the cycling UK forum relates.

nick davies2019-07-05 23:28:10

Hi well they are wired but have the 120 tpi thread count not the 60 see below.... 


Vittoria have created a fast rolling , lightweight and durable tyre that shrugs off gutter garbage to provide comfortable and efficient performance, mile after mile. Their skinny tyre racing pedigree is on show in the who's who list of technologies that make up the Voyager. Genuine 120TPI thread count, triple shielded puncture protection, reflective sidewalls and a rubber compound that is built to last with endless grip even in the wet are all taken from their pro-level tyre range.


So I think these should roll well. 

nick davies2019-07-06 00:06:51

Hi I think if I rely on the accuracy of planet x produxt description then I have a good tyre. But if they have incorrectly cut and pasted the information from the hyperon/folding tyre then in fact I will have an inferior tyre. I know which one my money is on. I will try to cancel the order. Thanks for the heads up. Once again. 


nick davies2019-07-11 08:29:56

Planet x tyres returned as incorrect product description.


I settled on continental grand sport extra in a 32. I did consider the race version 200 grams lighter and a poly bead but the extra has an extra puncture belt and triple ply walls. They are a 180 tpi. For some reason half the price on the conti website as well. They come in at 500 grams. 


I'm hoping they roll and. Ride well and offer summer puncture resistance and resilience for the heavy tandem as well as a bit of comfort.


Happy to review later on if anyone interested? 


BW Nick