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OTG cable: Samsung and Garmin Tourning

Michael Toner2018-09-05 13:23:27
How do I enable OTG on my Android (Samsung) phone? Google provides the advice listed below.  Does it work for Garmin? Should I consider other explorers?
Any advice would be welcomed.  So far I have managed to upload my android files on to my Garmin - not quite what I had hoped for!
“1. First of all download & install “ES File Explorer” and launch it.
2. Now attach your USB Drive OR Pen drive using OTG cable in your charging port.
3. Now you will get a notification asking “Enable USB OTG Support”.
4. Now click on “YES” to enable it on android.
5.Now Es file explorer will show you USB Storage folder.
6.All Done!!!”
Martyn Aldis2018-11-12 15:01:37

For touring I plan routes on an Android phone then transfer them as a .gpx file to my Garmin and use the Garmin to follow the route as well as record the actual track. My Garmin uses .gpx directly, some do not.

All the OTG connection has to do is let me move files between the Android phone and the Garmin. I can also move track files created by the Garmin to the Android. The phone end of the link is used to control these transfers. The phone plays the part of a laptop or other PC.

It sounds like you are able to do file transfers and I'm not sure what other result you were expecting.

David Ebling2019-04-12 12:20:46

Which Samsung phone do you have and what are you wanting to do?

Some come with a little white USB OTG adapter, which you use with a normal USB cable. I've found this less problematic than connecting with a 3rd party USB OTG cable. It came with my S7 but looks like this:

Samsung OTG adapter on Amazon

I have had one or two occasional issues using my Garmin Edge 800 with my Galaxy S5 and S7 phones, either with crashes or trouble transferring files due to restrictions on file permissions in Android. However I do use it sometimes to load routes when away from home. From memory, I do this by connecting the garmin to the phone, then using the Samsung file "My Files" app, copied the route files into the "new files" folder within the "garmin" folder on the garmin device or SD card.

ES file explorer may also work but I have some recollection that some file browsers may not be able to write to the Garmin, I'm not sure.

Whenever you connect a storage device to an adroid phone, an Adroid folder is created with various system files. Don't worry about this, it doesn't cause any issues.


Michael Toner2019-04-23 23:01:06

Eureka - I have loaded a GPX file with the OTG cable to an A3 Samsung.  The advice to use "My Files"  was key.  I had to allow access to my data and this caused a security alert.  Glad to know that the Android folder is not an issue.

Thank you so much