The Tandem Club


Easter Tandem Rally and AGM 2016

Thursday 24th. to Monday 28th. March 2016

Avon Tyrrell Activity Centre
Bransgore, Hampshire, BH23 8EE, England



The rally routes have been ridden and prepared by John and Sheila Ward. If you have any queries about any of the routes please contact us:
Before the rally - e-mail:
During the rally - phone: 07549 643784

Before anything else please read the following important points about cycling in the New Forest:

  • Animals roam freely and can be unpredictable in their behaviour.
  • Foals, in particular, are likely to cross the road suddenly.
  • At Easter there will be quite a few motorised tourists and, if they are staring at the ponies, they can be just as unpredictable.
  • There are quite a lot of cattle grids, which can be slippery in wet weather.
  • Horse riding and carriage driving (Pony and Trap) is an everyday part of New
  • Forest life. Please slow down and make your presence known when passing or overtaking. Calling out is a good way to attract attention because horses are used to the human voice.
  • Off-road cycling in the Forest is allowed on designated car-free gravel forest roads. Walkers wanting to enjoy the landscape, including family groups with young children, also use these roads. Please do not cycle elsewhere on the open forest, because the fragile habitat is easily damaged.

There are 13 main landscapes within the New Forest:
1.    Ancient and Ornamental woodland, which naturally regenerates itself - mostly oak and beech with a holly understorey
2.    Inclosures with softwood grown for timber
3.    Inclosures, with mature trees, which have been thrown open to animal grazing
4.    Hardwood inclosures on a long (100+ years) rotation
5.    Dry and wet heathland
6.    Forest lawns, which are extensive areas of grazed grass
7.    Manorial waste and commons, mostly in the north of the Forest
8.    Large Estates managed for agriculture and forestry
9.    Enclosed pasture, formerly used in conjunction with open forest grazing but increasingly lost to recreational horse keeping
10.  Flashy rivers draining to the Avon Valley and Solent
11.  Valley mires and bogs - the most extensive system remaining in Europe
12.  Open Solent coast
13.  Coastal saltmarsh - the most extensive remaining in southern Britain

These cycle route directions and descriptions have been produced by John and Sheila Ward. They may not be reproduced for any commercial purpose, but may be used by other cyclists or cycling groups for non-commercial purposes. If reproduced, please acknowledge:   John and Sheila Ward, © John and Sheila Ward 2016

All the above information plus a description of the rides and abbreviations used can be downloaded here.

Unless otherwise stated all routes are in Excel (.xlsx)

To download the gpx tracks right click on the route and 'select save link as'

Day Description Short Medium Long gpx
Friday All routes Short-Km Short-miles Medium-Km  Medium-miles - S M 
Saturday All routes Short-Km  Short-miles Medium-Km  Medium-miles Long-Km Long-miles S M(Pt.1) M(Pt.2) L
Sunday All routes Short-Km  Short-miles Medium-Km  Medium-miles Long-Km Long-miles S M L
Monday All routes Short-Km  Short-miles Medium-Km  Medium-miles Long-Km Long-miles S M L
Isle of Wight (20K - 13m) - Short (Word) Short (pdf) - - S
Moors Valley (16K - 10m) - Short (Word) Short (pdf) - - S