Tandem Club Whats On

Regional organisers and other administrators can add entries to the What's On system. RO's use the function in the left hand menu on your groups webpage.

If you participate in any ride organised by or in the name of The Tandem Club, you do so entirely at your own risk. The Club, its officers and ride organisers accept no responsibility for any loss, damage to property, accident, injury or death that may occur, however caused, whether by negligence, deliberate act or otherwise. These rides are organised for members of the Tandem Club, please join the club.

Sunday 23 June 2024
KentAt 10.00. 45 miles. Richard and Anne , Tel: 01797 252944, Email: richard7.anne@gmail.com, ID: 3684
Sunday 28 July 2024
KentAt 10.00. Bert and Agnes, Tel: 07414 153913, Email: agnesheijna@hotmail.com, ID: 3716
Sunday 22 September 2024
KentAt 10.00. Paul and Lucy, Tel: 07443 831893, Email: lucy@lucywhittlesea.co.uk., ID: 3717
Sunday 27 October 2024
KentAt 10.00. Liz and Mark, Tel: 07751 453233, Email: liznoble67@icloud.com, ID: 3718
Sunday 24 November 2024
KentAt 10.00. Jim and Kate, Tel: 01227 740964, Email: jimledger725@btinternet.com, ID: 3719