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Peter Hobson2021-05-10 11:46:33Humberside

Greetings, since I got a tandem last year, a few friends have contacted me and asked if they can come out with me . Restrictions pending I have had a couple of local Vets near to me come and have a go on the tandem. It is not ideal as it was bought for me and my wife who is 4 feet 11. however the 2 that have tried it where more than happy and have asked me to try and get a group or club together. With all that In Mind I am looking to start up a tandem cycling group or club for blind, partial sighted and people with balance issues. I have my bike but I require at least 2 or 3 more bikes to get the group going and change the life for the better for these people who have shown an interest. Any veterans who are interested in joining me on my quest are more than welcome to join, please do send me a message. I am a member of the Tandem club. And I am also the regional Officer in the Humberside region for the Tandem club. Any advice and help will be greatly appreciated. Especially on getting a cub up and running, donations, bicycles, kit and a secure place to run the club from. Maybe Phoenix House catterick. My short term goal is to get the club up and running. With regular rides. Also to attend Tandem club rallies. Medium term goal is to do a few regular tours in the UK and may be just over the water in the Netherlands . Long term goal, to do longer tours, may be The north Sea coastal route, Nordd Kapp to Gibraltar, Or may be go the whole way down to Capetown. But the main point of the club is to get people out and enjoying the benefits of cycling. Anyone who would like to try a tandem ride please do get in touch and I will try and put you in contact with a local pilot who will help. Many thanks Pete