The Tandem Club


North East

Organisers Contact: Margaret & Doug Cockburn, Tel: 01670 512373, Email:

This is a Tandem Club regional group.

2014-05-09 00:00:00NorthEast
2016 National Rally

The North East Group will be hosting the 2016 National Rally at Kirkley Hall in Northumberland. Offers of help welcome.

08/03/2020 North East
Coast and country ride. Lunch at 'Canny Cuppa' cafe, Causey Park. Contact: Margaret and Doug Cockburn Tel: 01670512373 Email:
26/04/2020 North East
Using tracks to ride to Park Head Cafe. Please contact leaders for more details of meeting place. Contact: John and Claire Little Tel: 07967267864 Email:
17/05/2020 North East
Otterburn Ranges and Coquetdale. Picnic and Pub. (Barrowburn Cafe is no longer open.) Contact: Phil and Annie Lawless Tel: 0771020566 Email: