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Rear wheel wanted

Chris Allen2023-08-05 17:59:55

Our Orbit rear wheel was recently damaged courtesy of Wiltshire CC roads dept. Our local bike shop straightened it as best they could but the rim still has a very small "S" shaped kink in it (picture).

TBH I don't really want to purchase new from JD as the price is almost as much as I paid for the bike!

I'd really appreciate if anyone has a 40 - 48  spoke 700c (622X18) rear wheel (disk brake fitting) going spare. Of course I'm happy to pay.

Chris Allen2023-08-05 18:05:59
Despite numerous attempts (as a png, jpg and jpeg) I don't seem to be able to load the picture of the current wheel. Its a Alexrim DH19 622X18.
Mike Dunning2023-08-05 18:39:02

Hi Chris

I have a 700c rear wheel surplus to requirements. Campag large flange hub, smooth sealed bearings, quick release, strong alloy rim (I think it's 48 hole, but might be 40). Only problem, its for a rim brake, not disc as requested.

Mark Tipping2023-08-05 20:20:48


Would a rim of any use, O have done it s few times, tape new rim to existing wobbly rim and transfer spokes over one by one.  Need a rim with same ERD and of course so we I need to know if 40 or 48 drilling.  I have 700c rims on both drillins I am taking to TCN2023 at Stratford-upon-Avon tomorrow, hoping to rehome them.  Let us know what ERD rim and drilling you need.

Chris Allen2023-08-06 22:19:10

Hi Mike, your wheel might well be OK as it should be possible to retrofit it my disk brake. Any chance of a picture? If it OK with you, can we pick up the conversation by email? My email is chris.allen@clientfocus.com.

Many thanks

Chris Allen2023-08-06 22:23:17

Hi Mark. That sounds like a definite possibility, if Mike's wheel proves to be unsuitable. Currently it's got 48 holes but I haven't measured the ERD. I'll be in touch if I can't use mike's wheel.

Many thanks for the offer!

Chris Allen2023-08-06 22:50:13
Mark, can you give me your email so that I can contact you directly? Mine is chris.allen@clientfocus.com.
Tony Fuller2023-08-07 08:13:37

Hi Chris

If you haven't found a wheel yet I have a brand new Tandem Rear Wheel which I think will suit you.

Details:- Mavic T217 SUP Rim 622 x 17  40 Hole with Heavy Duty Tandem Spokes                            Campagnolo Quick Release Hub, Campagnolo 8 Speed Freewheel 13x 26                    Built by Mercian Cycles of Derby. Built as a spare wheel for our Tandem,                           sadly now sold due to ill health.

                 Contact me if interested:-  tonyfuller@btinternet.com

Neil Benton2023-08-07 09:12:13

Warland cycles in Oxford has 48hole DH19 Rims for sale https://www.warlands-cycles.co.uk/catalogue/tandems/synergy-tandem-rims

Could you replace the rim in the existing wheel ?

Chris Allen2023-08-09 20:51:43

Hi Neil

Thanks for the Warlands recommendation! I collected a rim from them today and am now in the process of threading it. Fingers crossed!