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Bob yak (trailer)

Ryan Bates2023-08-02 16:39:21
Hello, me and my girlfriend intend to head round Europe on a 5 week tandem trip!
As excited as we are the we’re missing one last thing, a trailer. 
We own and ultimately could use panniers but fancy a change. 
If anyone has a Bob yak or similar style trailer they no longer use (perhaps have chosen to use panniers instead) we would be more than happy to buy it. 
Hertfordshire based but are willing to travel/arrange a courier
Thanks in advance, 
Ryan & Amber.
Jesse Bailey2023-08-02 18:15:58
Hi Ryan, I have a Bob Yak trailer that you can have. When do you need it by? I only ask as it's in Essex and I would need to get over there and collect it which wouldn't be until the 12th or 13th. Thanks Jesse
Ryan Bates2023-08-02 18:31:13
That's great! Thank you for your reply. Shall we arrange collection and cost over email? if that works with you please email me on: 95ryanbates@gmail.com