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Pilot for visually impaired rider sought!

2022-03-31 13:58:32

Hello all, 

I'm new to the club and it's lovely to be here! I have been a tandem cyclist for a little over 5 years and love getting out on the bike, an Orbit Lightning Race. I'm physically pretty fit with my average day ride starting around 60 miles or so, I've also done Grand Prix and other events which I enjoy. I'm currently looking for a pilot who is keen to get out on a weekend (ideally a Sunday!) and might be up for longer rides or possibly trying out road events in the future. Appreciate this is a long-shot! 

Best wishes,


Graham Davies2022-03-31 14:33:54
Hi John, where are you based?
2022-03-31 15:01:19
Hi Graham, vital information that I should have included in my original post! I'm located in south east London. 
Luke Marney2022-03-31 19:16:49

Hi John,

I'm PhD student based in South London (Denmark Hill). I've been road/track cycling for 8-9 years and wanting to try out tandem riding for a lot of that time. I've not got any experience on tandems yet but I'm very keen to learn!

Let me know if you'd like to chat and we can exchange details.

Luke :D

2022-04-01 15:11:25
Hi Luke, absolutely! Let's chat, I don't live far away from the velodrome at all! John
Luke Marney2022-04-01 16:19:56

Awesome! I actually live within walking distance to the velodrome. I only moved to London a few weeks ago so I don't have accreditation yet, but it's something I'll be working on soon.

Not sure if this forum has a private messaging function, but we could exchange emails to chat more I suppose.


2022-04-01 17:11:15
No worries jdlskier@protonmail.com is my email. 
Alex Reeves2022-06-02 07:24:12
Hope the pairing worked out for you.  If not try Tandem Pilot & Stoker Matching Service | Facebook