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Shimano 105 'Vintage' Pedal

Mark Waters2021-07-29 13:16:16

One of the toe clips on this Shimano 105 pedal has broken as can be seen in the attached photo.  I'm going to try and repair it because it's very doubtful that such an item could be bought now from a shop. Ebay describes this pedal as 'vintage' - well, I probably bought them in the 90s, or perhaps the 80s, so hardly vintage! Just in case a TC member might have a pair lurking in the bottom of a box in their workshop I thought I'd put in a request for said item here.

If you're coming to the rally this Saturday, you could even bring it with you. I only really want the toe clip(s) but happy to pay a token sum for the whole pedal.

David Hammond2021-07-29 15:49:33
I could do you a pair.  Not 105 but look very similar.  I will bring them with me on Saturday and you can see what you think.
Mark Waters2021-07-30 09:44:30
Thanks, David. They look just the job. Look forward to seeing you at the rally. We are booking reference 90 and have a black VW Passat - probably easier to notice than our aquamarine coloured Thorn tandem. Mark
David Hammond2021-07-30 10:14:47

No problem.  We will be in our Autotrail Motorhome and have a bright green Orbit (you can't miss it).