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Folding Tandem

Stephen Williamson2021-06-25 15:23:45

I'm looking for a folding tandem to fit into a small motorhome. Electric assist would be great but not essential.

Chris Allen2021-06-26 17:01:37

Hi Stephen, we had an"Ecosmo" folding tandem for 6 months which was fun to potter around on (we live in London). Later we moved on to a 'serious' (i.e. more expensive) machine.  They're around £450 new but you can get second hand for around £250. Ours wasn't electric, however, they do sell them. They seem to be out of stock at the mo tho. Give them a ring and find out when they're due a delivery

Mike Inness2021-10-16 19:46:51

Hi Stephen,

Just seen your post, but we have an electric folding tandem that we would like to sell.  This may come too late for you, but it is a KHS T-20 Sausage Dog Folding tandem, originally from JD Tandems and converted to a rear hub electric by them for the previous owner.  It is a 20" small wheel tandem.  It is in good condition.

Let me know if this is of interest.

We live in Torbay, Devon.

Mike & Kim


Stephen Williamson2021-10-18 10:37:44

Mike and Kim, thanks for getting in touch. We ended up buying an Ecosmo tandem. We are very pleased with it.

Thanks again


Chris Allen2021-10-21 10:48:39

Hi Stephen,

I'm interested in your experience with the electric Ecosmo tandem. We had the non electric one for a while and which was fun and very convenient to take on  trains. However, we found the gearing really low and we had pedal quite fast to get up much speed; great to potter round town but frustrating on the open road.

Does the electric one have the same low gearing?

Also, ours was quite heavy (~30kg) for lugging up railway station stairs. Do you know the weight of yours? I believe the electric one is made of aluminium but then there's the extra weight of the battery and motor. 

Your opinion would greatly appreciated!