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Celluloid Mudguards or equivalent

2021-06-06 19:26:11

Does anyone know where i can get a 26" x1 3/8 " Celluloid Mudguards or equivalent for a Tandem?

Matthew Stephens 2021-06-06 21:19:03

Unsure what you mean by celluloid? 

Personally,  I find SKS are a good combination of quality, design & value.  They come in a range of sizes

These should be about right size wise:


You can get better, but you will need to pay much more. 

Ted Savoie2021-06-06 21:51:02



2021-06-07 08:05:53

Hi Graham,

We assume that in requesting 26 x 1 3/8 and mentioning celluloid you are looking for some mudguards for a vintage tandem?  Possibly these were Blumels Featherweight or something similar.  For quite some years SKS made a Blumels copy mudguard in what was then West Germany and will be marked as such.  We do still see these come up on ebay and other sites.  You may also ask John as Spa Cycles whether he still has any in a shed somewhere as we bought a pair less than 10 years ago for a restoration project.

Pippa & John