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Tandem for female pilot

John Little2020-03-09 11:44:53


We're looking at getting a tandem for my wife (5'6") to pilot with one of our children (while I get the other child on our exisiitng tandem). We're happy to fit kiddy cranks (should they be needed) so it's mostly a question of finding the right bike for my wife - in particular we don't want anything too heavy or it will end up being too slow. We're in NE England.


Martin2020-03-09 11:49:25

Hi, I have a more or less brand new Obit Lightening straight handle barred tandem that has been ridden less than 500 miles. It was purchased new 3 years ago for £2600. My wife and I are both 5' 8", so it should be suitable for your wife to ride. Genuine reason for sale due to hip problems requiring a full hip replacement. Happy to consider offers over £1,600. We live in Bolton, in NW England.

Kevin Smith2020-03-09 12:12:52

Hi John, our Dawes is for sale, I'm 6ft and it was on the small side for me, the stoker position would certainly adjust quite small. see for sale list. I can provide a shorter stem too. 

Kevin - Nottingham.

Michael Hughes2020-03-09 17:19:00

Tandem for Lady pilot


I would suggest you contact Ecosmo via Ebay  They have a small wheel folding tandem with 7 gears, Good range of adjustments.

They give a four week approval period. If you reurn it it will cost you about £40  if you keep it it will cost less than £400 

Can be used by two adults or two children

If the pilot is stronger than the stoker it might well help that the stoker can stop pedalling without stopping the pilot.

Easily carried in the boot of a car.

I am a satisfied owner and have no other connection with the company   Michael Hughes




2020-03-09 18:12:30

Re tandem for female pilot

I have a Ecosmo folding tandem which would be ideal for adults or children. I bought it last year for a holiday and wanted to transfer a tandem in the car, fun to ride and easy to adjust for different sizes.  Bought new £399 sale price £300 (Selby/York)

Brian Stephen Reid2020-03-09 19:13:38

Hello Martin, I'd be interedted in the Dawes Lighttening if it's still available, 



Martin2020-03-10 08:54:49

Hi Brian, my tandem is still available but it's an Orbit Lightening Sport, not a Dawes. Would you still be interested?

Brian Stephen Reid2020-03-10 09:29:17

Hello Martin, Certainly - are you able to send a couple of pictures?



BSReid@aol.com or 07952 062201

Martin2020-03-10 13:32:44

Here are some pictures of the Orbit Lightening Sport tandem.

Martin2020-03-10 13:33:48
Martin2020-03-10 13:34:25
Brian Stephen Reid2020-03-10 13:45:49

Thank you Martin, that's great - are you able to pm me on BSReid@aol.com or 07952 062201/

Thank you, 


John Little2020-03-17 10:41:15

Thanks everyone for your thoughts