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Wanted ~ Bike Friday Tandem Twosday

Mark Waters2020-01-16 16:20:20

We're heading to Bavaria this June and plan to cycle back. The stoker is keen to do it on a tandem but the hassle of getting one out there is just too much, so looking for a foldable, eg a Bike Friday Tandem Twosday. We already have a couple of BFs (solos) and they're OK. If anyone has one they'd like to sell on, please get in touch. Many thanks. Mark

Graham Capper2020-01-16 17:37:54

Hi Mark,

Good luck in your search. If you are offered more than one, we'd be interested in acquiring one too!

Mark Waters2020-01-16 17:46:08

Will do, Graham. There aren't too many around, I fear. Mark

December 20192020-01-17 13:31:48

Hi Mark,

I can't help with the BF but a couple of years ago we took our tandem to Bavaria by flying Lufthansa to Munich.  Lufthansa will take bicycles (including tandems) fully assembled.  They've obviously figured out that wheeling a tandem to the plane is easier than lugging boxes!  The bagage handlers at Manchester managed to knock the timing chain off on the way out but it was all quite easy really.


Mark Waters2020-01-17 18:33:36

Thanks, Neil. Will check it out.

December 20192020-01-19 08:16:26

Getting to and from Munich airport was quite easy too.  There is a cycle path to and from the airport that joins the Isar Radweg to Munich and we had no problem taking the tandem on the local train back to the airport early in the morning.

2020-06-22 13:11:04

Hello, I have one of these which I am selling on behalf of my In-laws.  If you are still interested, i would be very happy to tell you more about it.

Paula Roberts2020-06-22 16:37:48

Paul - I'm interested in this, do you have the spec?



2020-06-22 16:53:52

Hello Paula.  The bike is about 10 years old, bought in their 70s for day rides when they decided that longer tandem tours were too much -but they only rode about 100 miles on it before stopping completely.  The spec is I think pretty standard, the two additions being an SRAM DualDrive hub (ie there are three hub gears as well as the 9 gear derailleur) and a rear drum brake.  I hope that helps.


Paula Roberts2020-06-22 18:33:09

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the description. If the original poster is no longer interested, I'd be interesed in this. My e-mail address is paulajos@gmail.com, can you let me know how much you want for it and its location. Many thanks.