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tandem hydraulic lift

John R Blackie2018-11-08 22:28:20

I'm looking for a device called Atera or BTS  hydraulic (tandem) life.  It attaches to a two bar roof rack and acts as a crane to lift a tandem or bike onto the roof of a car - very easily.  The key component is a gas (hydraulic) strut which is the same thing as is used to help open and close a hatchback boot/rear door.  See  or  to watch one in action.

Please let me know if there is one you want to see.

John Blackie


Achim Gloger2018-11-09 07:37:28

John, unfortunately that lift has gone out of production. Your best bet is to keep an eye on eBay. 


Keep in in mind that if you do do find one, spare parts will be a problem: the strut is notorious for failing. 

david2018-11-09 07:56:43



If you look on St John Street Cycles website they carry spare parts for the lift.

I have a one of these lifts and they are excellent. Mine was attached to a Vauxhall Antara so the roof was very high from the ground. It makes light work getting the tandem up there by yourself.



John R Blackie2018-11-09 10:45:04

Achim, thank you for your comments.  I'm not bothered by a gas strut fail, unless it's happening suddenly during a lift.  Gas struts are a two-a-penny off the shelf item, and I imagine easy to replace.  One just has to get the spec right.

It's a great pity that they are not made any more.  The engineering is very elegant.

I'm hoping that someone has one that's failed which I can repair or one which is now unloved.  I'll try an ebay permanent search.

I'll also ask St.John Street Cycle's if they know of one which might be up for grabs. (Thanks David for this head's up)