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Smallish-framed tandem to borrow/rent/buy

2018-01-04 15:28:07

In May this year I'm planning a charity tandem ride, Lands End to John O' Groats. The ride will be supporting Samaritans, and I'm hoping to find a different stoker to ride with me each day, to fit in with the message that it's ok to ask for help!

I’m hoping to be able to find a tandem on long-term loan, hire, or to buy second hand, but my requirements are unfortunately quite specific and may make that a challenge. My unusual combination of short fat pilot on the front and variably-sized different stokers on the back imposes some constraints, and I’ll be riding a thousand miles so it does need to fit well and be comfortable and safe.

Could you lend, hire or sell me something suitable?

Ideally I'm looking for:

- Some kind of tourer or hybrid, definitely not a mountain bike
- Pilot ride height of about 81 cm (measured from peddle at lowest position to the top of the saddle). Probably equivalent to an 18-19″ frame size (though that might vary with brand?). Reach (saddle nose to centre of handlebar) around 40-50 cm or thereabouts.
- Reasonable range of suitability/adjustability for stokers of varying sizes
- 700c wheels, ideally 48 or 40 hole. Tyres sturdy enough for light off-road (e.g. tow paths and Sustrans routes).
- Flat handlebars (i.e. not curly drop bars)
- Decent range of gears to cope with steep hills
- Good brakes, preferably discs to avoid overheating rims on long descents

If you think you might have anything suitable, please do get in touch - rachel_holley (at), or 07817 030781.

If you'd like to know more about the charity ride, or might even consider riding with me for a day, there's more on my blog: