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Tandem frame identification please? *PIC*

Iggy2012-01-04 12:21:51

I've just finished doing up a tandem (stripped and put back together - in better!) and I'd like to find out a bit more about where the bike originated from. I've added a pretty poor picture (more available). I bought it off a colleague some 4-5 years ago and he's now MIA, so can't trace anything from previous owners. No badges, serial numbers or anything on the frame.
Does anybody have any clues that could help me?

Kirsten Henriksen2020-10-20 18:54:38


Can anyone assist in the identification of this frame?

Thanking in advance


Kirsten Henriksen2020-10-20 18:56:23
Kirsten Henriksen2020-10-20 18:56:50
Kirsten Henriksen2020-10-20 18:57:34
Kirsten Henriksen2020-10-20 18:57:45
Kirsten Henriksen2020-10-20 18:58:04
Peter David Koch-Osborne2020-10-20 19:01:16

Very much like a 1937 Sun tandem I once restored, no guarantee though! Cheers Peter. 

David Tudor2020-11-20 10:49:40

Hello Peter,

From the pictures you have shown I would say you have a prewar BSA. I would like to see the rear dropouts as BSA almost exclusively used Trivelox dropouts on their tandems, even when they fitted Cyclo! It is not a Sun as Sun fitted pump pegs on the front, BSA fitted them to the rear. The raised lettering ST24 is a casting number for the lug and will appear on hundreds of other tandems, If you could show more close up photos then I can confirm within 95% it's identity, Cheers David