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tandems and time trials

Mark Silver2009-04-12 19:57:12

I piloted my racing tandem to victory in yesterdays race, the Maidenhead and District 15 mile time trial, completed in 34 mins 39 seconds. Whilst we rode well, winning was pretty much a certainty: we were the only entry. Now I know racing is not everyones cup of tea, but I almost can't remember the last time I took part in a tandem race that had more than a handful of participants. Its well sad, because its such a lovely sport, and this is from someone who considers himself not particularly competitve, and likes nothing better than poodleing to the local tea shop.
Whilst I realise that nostalgia ain't what it used to be, one or two decades back, tandem time trials (such as the Tandem Club 25 that went by RAF Duxford), attracted getting on for a hundered machines. It was a hell of a spectacle, and a lovely day.
Any views, chaps?

Neil Wheadon2009-04-16 14:50:49

Dear Mark

The club needs a racing secretary, as at the end of the day this side of Tandems needs to be encouraged. There are lots of clubs about the countryside, all it might need is for invitations to be sent and a race to take place.

Do you fancy taking this on??


John Fazakerley2009-04-19 18:49:45

I would be keen to partake in tandem time trials, however living in Cornwall would probably only travel to an event if there was to be some competition and preferably if it were a 2 day event. Maybe a possibility would be to combine Tandem club championships with the National rally in years to come?

This year at Ripon there is a ten mile club TT being run by Harogate Nova only 4 miles from the campsite. I have enquired about entering this event on my solo, however as I gather others may be interested in riding tandems in this event, I may well change my mind and race our tandem instead, I will be making fresh contact with the organiser to confirm that they are happy for tandems to ride, but cannot imagine it would be an issue. This event is on the Wednesday evening on what sounds like a flattish, safe course.

John Fazakerley2009-04-21 08:31:16

Further to my earlier post, I have confirmation that tandems will be welcome at the Harrogate Nova CC event on the Wednesday of the Ripon rally, as long as there aren't too many of us, which is sadly unlikely! Some details of the event are as follows:

The event starts on Ripon - Dishforth road at the junction with A1. The course proceeds down the A168 to Roecliffe TI (on the outskirts of Boroughbridge), retrace north up the A168 to finish 400 yards before start. Flatish course.
Meet on old farm road opposite start (at top of hill). Start is 4 miles from Ripon on unclassified road marked Sharow/Dishforth.

Looks good on google earth, though its not good enough resolution yet to ascertain the quality of the road surface!!

Hope to see a few others there.


Brian Stephen Reid2019-09-04 22:31:15

Refloating this discussion - are there any tandem-specific races or timetrials, and are there any books or websites for racing or timetrialling tandems? 



Mike Havard2019-09-05 15:17:23

I don't know about books, but if you go on the Cycling Time Trial;s web site and filter for tandem events you will see that there are loads of time trials though these are usually an add on to a solo event.