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Waterproof jackets

Greg Hughes2024-04-13 21:18:20
Hi, we're trying to buy new waterproof, breathable, visible cycling jackets,and struggling to find something suitable.  A lot of the more breathable jackets seem to be road-racing style, and we need something that we can get a warm layer underneath.  We cycle all year, in the Peak District, and it's cold coming down the Cat and Fiddle in December!  Any suggestions very welcome.  Thanks, Anna & Greg
Adam Fardell2024-04-14 08:08:21

Hi Greg,

I am a big fan of 7mesh clothing. I had the CoPilot jacket, made from Goretex Paclite+, waterproof and highly breathable, with an over the helmet hood. I was dubious of the hood at first but it proved to work very well. Unfortunately it was damaged beyond repair recently. I also have the Revelation jacket, made from Goretex pro. This features a variety of zip vents and an under the helmet hood. Both are fantastic jackets. For waterproof trousers it's 7mesh Thunder pants. Goretex pro again I think. Check out Guy Kesteven's video review.  

7mesh are a premium cycle clothing manufacturer, which is reflected in the price. There range is well thought out, cycle specific and in my opinion the best available. Take a look at all 3 ranges, you mentioned road specific cut not working for you, the gravel or MTB ranges may be a better match. It's what I generally choose for my wife and I 

Adam Fardell2024-04-14 09:28:19


I mentioned that my CoPilot jacket was damaged beyond repair recently, I have just taken a look at 7mesh website, both mens and ladies CoPilot can be had for £225.

Going to order a replacement for myself, I love the Elk colour, proper "Eric Banana Man."

Stephen Gray2024-04-14 09:51:28

I can recommend Gore Goretex jackets. I have found them much more waterproof than the likes of Endura, Altura, etc. Ideally go to a stockist and try them for size rather than relying on size guide or what size you think you are. Then just buy a size that give you enough space for your layers of choice underneath. Gore also used to offer a repair service for their jackets handy if you get any unwelcome tares or grazes. You would have to check if that is still available. Again these are premium jackets refected in the price.

Stephen Gray2024-04-14 09:58:54

Re Halford's jacket.
Yes if you just want waterproof then a cheaper jacket will do the job. However, I think the key phrase here is "breathable". In a purely waterproof jacket you will get a huge amount of condensation inside if you are expending much effort. Indeed a breathable jacket is never likely to be fully 100% waterproof as it needs some degree of permeability to be breathable.

James Gill2024-04-14 13:51:52
We use Galibier jackets for this purpose, no complaints so far with their Tempest waterproof option. The cut is perfect for fitting a down jacket underneath if necessary 
David Binderman2024-04-14 18:55:07

>both mens and ladies CoPilot can be had for £225.

Crikey ! I'd want a week's foreign holiday for money like that ;->

I can report that both Halfords & Decathlon do good cycling jackets at sensible prices like £25. For example, my Halfords jacket, I've done over 7,000 km in less than two years and that includes Cumbria and Lancashire, where it rains for about 300 days a year, so a pretty strong test for UK use.

I have never had a problem with rain leaking in, if anything the Halfords jacket can be a bit too warm at anything over 10C.

I am usually a medium, but a large sized jacket leaves enough room for warm layers underneath.


Dmitrii Pasechnik2024-04-15 17:03:17

7mesh now asked me £300 for CoPilot  :-(



Ian Houghton2024-04-15 17:33:46
I can recommend Sport Pursuit which have lots of outdoor and sports brands at a more reasonable price. 
Greg Hughes2024-04-15 18:45:07
Re CoPilot, when I looked there were some colours at 225 in the sale section, but not all colours at that price. 
Tim Dowson2024-04-15 19:05:47
Rather than shell out an arm and a leg for something excellent,  go for something reasonable,  and also a second,  very cheap but compact backup.  Especially if cycle- touring when the first might not dry overnight,  but even for later in the day after having a break in a warm tea shop,  when putting a soggy coat back on is rather unpleasant.  My spare coat cost £3 and takes as much space as a banana,  so I'm rarely caught out without a coat. 
Vernon Hunt 2024-04-15 19:39:59
If you're in the Peak District, have you tried Alpkit?
Stephen Gray2024-04-16 10:07:15

We use these.

Just find a dealer and try them to get the sizing correct or go a size or two  over the size guide if you want a fleece or down jacket underneath.

Graham Wood2024-04-16 11:32:08
I realise it's a bit of a Marmite thing - but for us it's Paramo all the way.  I have an old 'Quito' jacket which keeps me very dry and comfortable whether on multi day trips in foul weather, or in lighter warm summer drizzle.  It's more breathable than anything else I've ever tried, with plenty of ventilation, and packs down reasonably small.  The hood will just about fit over a helmet (although I prefer a helmet cover if it's that wet), and while the back is perhaps a little shorter than ideal the Rear Admiral is quick to tuck any protruding under layers back in out of the rain if needed.  She has a different model Paramo with a longer back.
Martin Lowe2024-04-17 22:20:25
Check out the reviews for Galibier Tourmalet 4 jacket. I bought one and it's the best waterproof that I've ever had, including previous Gore Tex, and I have been cycling since 1977. Choose a baggy fit. Only available on line from them direct and only available in sky blue.