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Train travel in europe

John Pound2024-04-02 09:34:18

We are cycling from the UK to our sons in vienna this June and was hoping to travel back by train, has anyone travelled through Germany/ Austria by train with a tandem , and are there anything we need to look out for 

John Pound 

Simon Brown2024-04-02 10:20:01

You can talk to bahn.de on +49 30 311 68 29 04.  This is the English language phone number and I found them extremely helpful when I spoke with them last month.  They sorted out tickets and tandem travel for our journey from Hanover to Amsterdam.  There is no difference in cost when buying on the phone compared to the internet.


David Binderman2024-04-02 10:46:33

I have done Hook of Holland to Cologne by train with an ordinary bike and it was excellent.

DB are very well organised. I used https://int.bahn.de/en/ to book. Make sure you tick the bike box. The extra time allowed for changeover is useful.

In the case of a tandem, I would phone DB up and make sure.

Bikes seemingly are not allowed on the ultra-fast ICE trains, but the next level down are still better than English trains. Very cheap too. For example, EUR 100 will get you a long way into Europe.


Sally Kertzman2024-04-02 11:04:38
It's worth looking at https://www.europeansleeper.eu/. You can get an overnight train from Rotterdam (easy to reach from Hoek van Holland). You can then get to Prague or Berlin whilst you sleep in one go (or vice versa). I have been in dialogue with them about taking tandems but we have not actually used it yet. 
R.N. Goodman2024-04-02 12:20:49

Bicycle space on some intercity trains can be limited and heavily booked on popular routes.  I (and also the brilliant person in DB office) failed to find a bicycle space to get from Italy to Bavaria despite trying to book 3 weeks in advance.  All available trains over three days were showing all cycle spaces booked.  Book early - Good luck!



Charles Kendall2024-04-06 11:37:33
When crossing Germany by train with a tandem, bear in mind DB have banned tandems from their trains (not all trains in Germany are run by DB). However the Ticket inspectors have the discretion to allow you or throw you off. Its always worked for us but beware. There are certain precautions you can take: where possible board the train at the point of origin and board early to get your tandem against the wall and tied up; remove any panniers to take up less space and be prepared to rotate the stoker's handlebars; be extremely polite to everybody especially the Ticket inspector; finally do not travel at peak times. In general you cannot reserve bike space on Regional trains and these trains have the most space for bikes. It always helps to look old and tired as well;
Simon Brown2024-04-06 13:37:40
Charles, I'm not sure where you got your information from but DB are willing to sell me a tandem ticket in place of the 2 singles I currently have for the intercity train from Hannover to Amsterdam. As I can split my frame I've declined and I'll take my chances.