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Tandem carrier

Alan Creasey2024-03-31 17:13:00
Hi does anyone use an atera hydraulic cycle and how do you get on with it ?
tony barcroft2024-04-01 07:44:40

Hi Alan, 

We have a 5 series bmw estate car using Thule roof bars and use one of these to get a moustache e tandem (which weighs around 20+ kg with batteries removed) on the roof.  
There is a modification we made - the addition of a cross brace (15mm stainless bar) from the stoker seat post to the centre of the roof bar to stop the bike from moving around (there is too much lateral movement otherwise). Overall it works really well - we drive to Burgundy and Bordeaux every year and have never had any issues (so far). 
I think that with the cross brace, this is the best solution I've found for lifting/transporting a tandem - unfortunately as they were discontinued, finding one for sale is tricky. I keep 2 spare hydraulic units just in case one fails as I'd be lost without it. 


John Watts2024-04-01 09:44:58

Yes ,we use a similar hydraulic lift and I have had to re weld the bracket that fastens hydraulic part to the long wheel support frame .I think this get's weakened by the side forces exerted whilst driving on the motorways so in order to take the strain off the upright I have used a lightweight ratchet strap with a wraparound on the one of the tubes from the headstock and gently tighten it in favour of the right hand side and loop the ends round the roof bars on the car  to help reduce the effect of any crosswinds If you put a piece of clear sticky plastic over where the ratchet strap falls this prevents and damage to the paint work 

John Watts 

Timothy Hughes2024-04-01 12:06:25
Same story here really: we tie a rope from the top of the upright down to the roof bar on the other side. The carrier itself works well and is recommended.  
Alan Creasey2024-04-01 12:42:53
Great thanks for your help was think of a bracing strap of some sort to aid stability