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Newcastle-Amsterdam ferry experience

Simon Brown2024-03-31 11:11:32


We're due to travel on the Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry with our tandem.  Has anyone got any experience of travelling with DFDS on this route and how they handle tandems?  What I want to avoid if possible is being stuck at the back of the car deck for an hour while they offload all the cars and trucks (something we've experienced before and don't wish to repeat).  If we get to the ferry terminal early, do they prioritise bicycles and get them on at t he front? 


Thanks in advance


Joseph Bulloch2024-04-01 12:32:47

Hi Simon,

We’ve used that crossing with our tandem a few times as it’s only a 10 mile ride from home for us.

Cycles and motorcycles are usually directed to the aft end of the Port side mezzanine deck behind a single row of cars. You won’t be first off the ferry but not last either. They normally clear some of the vehicles from the main Port side deck first before allowing the mezzanine deck to go ashore. It never takes too long, particularly as half of the main deck is taken up with unaccompanied lorry trailers which are left until last. I think it is a wait of around 20 minutes on average. Dutch security is swift, a quick look at your passports and an exchange of pleasantries about your touring plans and you’re away.

I take my own straps with me and secure the tandem myself before leaving the car deck. I’ve found that if the ferry staff see that you have secured for sea properly yourself they will leave it alone.

The cabins are comfortable and I’ve never had any problem sleeping. The food is expensive; we often take a packed lunch for our evening meal and book breakfast in the restaurant. Get in for breakfast early mind as it can get busy.