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Tandem for disability group

Robert Fickling2024-01-21 09:53:24
I'm willing to donate my Burley Rumba tandem to a disability group in the Cheshire or Greater Manchester area. We live in Macclesfield. Suggestions for a suitable home welcomed
Jon Watt2024-01-21 11:17:27

Hi Robert, I sometimes pilot for Bury tandem club for the blind and partially sighted, you could try them.https://www.bury-tandem-club.org/


Paul Cooper2024-01-21 11:24:18
Yes we often see the Bury visual impaired tandems out around Lancs
Gill Polgreen2024-01-21 13:53:00

Hi Robert

You could otherwise try Charlotte's bikes.


Alan Mayer2024-01-21 15:08:09

Hello Robert

My name is Alan and I am the chair of Bury Tandem Club. We provide cycling opportunities  for blind and partially sighted people. At the moment we own 16 tandems and a triple. Our workshop is full to capacity and we cannot accept any tandems.  We do however have our own members website. If you want , we can put a description on that and see if one of our members would be interested.


Alan.    F23323

Stephanie Stubbs2024-02-22 16:44:26

Hi Alan,

I have been asked about helping someone who is losing their eye sight.

Is there any guidance you provide the 'Captains' that you could share please. My wife and are occasional (better weather) tandomers and I think it quite different to take on the responsibility of riding with someone starting to lose their eye sight.

Hi Robert,

there might be some interest in your tandem for this person who is losing their sight. They are based around the Frodsham area.


Nic Stubbs

(Posting using my wife's Tandem Club account)