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Dt swiss tandem hubs 540+Hugi circa 2000

David isherwood2023-12-04 13:44:32


Hopefully a simple question 

I have a 540 and Hugi rear hub,  9 speed on 140mm OLN...

Both hubs have a threaded nearside hub body for either a drum brake or currently a 9mm thick collar for a disc rotor...

I have seen talk of a 20mm disc collar for bikes running a 145mm OLN

Has anyone had experience running a disc rotor on a 9mm thick collar with a 140mm OLN..? 

I'd feel happier running a 20mm thick collar but am limited by the 140mm OLN it would appear. 

Thanks for any insight your able to give. 



Stuart Hunter2023-12-05 22:38:40
I had my DT, Swiss Hugi Hub, converted to 145 OLN I also had the frame stretched, to 145 and had lugs for a disc brake brazed on by Argos in Bristol. I screwed on a 20mm collar with a spacer behind, it .140 is probably a bit tight for anything other than, a very small disk. (it was a steel frame) you might get away with the 9mm collar so long as it's fully screwed onto the hub, there is of course, more of a chance of it tearing the threads off your hub than with a 20mm collar.