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Swallow EXPA 1980's

Kerry Fletcher2023-09-20 10:07:07



I hope this is OK to post ??

I wondered if anyone could help me.  I have been asked to help sell a Swallow EXPA which I understand was manufactured by Pete Bird back in the 1980's.  I just don't know much about bikes.  It's looks like it's in great condition but would anyone be able to help with pulling some information together to create an advert for this please ?  I believe it's quite rare and that it should be advertised in the region of £1000-£1500.  I wanted to check how realistic this is and if any other guidance can be provided.  


Would this be the best place to advertise it ?


Thank you in advance for your help

Stephen Gray2023-09-20 13:17:29

Hi Kerry

some photos of the tandem will probably help people assess it's vintage, worth etc. You can only advertise for sale tandems up to £500 on the facebook page anythink over needs to be advertised in the club journal. Other places to advertise would be eBay, Facebook marketplace, and specialist online forums. Please check through the facebook page to be aware of scams regarding potential buyers of tandems. My advice would be cash on collection only and taken straight to your bank with the buyer before you part with the tandem. Most scams involve mentions of a courier collecting it or it being sent somewhere after a payment has been made to you via bank transfer, paypal etc. Not sure exactly how, but the buyer manages to rescind the payment after you have parted with the bike. So please be careful. If you put photos on asking for help with vintage and value rather than an actual advertisement, I think that would be acceptable (someone will correct me if I am wrong) and you should get some help.

Stephen Gray2023-09-20 13:27:35
Sorry that should be "anything over"
Terry Barnaby2023-09-20 15:25:08
Heres the photo.
Stephen Gray2023-09-20 17:16:10

Hi Kerry

Turn the bike around and take a pho from the other side too. People will want to see the gearing...

2023-09-20 18:54:47

Hi, the best way to value a bike is to look at 'sold' prices on eBay. Tandems have an extremely limited market, and autumn/winter is the worst time to sell any bike. This was a high quality machine when built, but does not have the brakes, gears or handling of a modern machine. If it was in my stock, I would be pleased to get £500 - £600 for it. The Tandem Club or Ebay will be the best places to sell.

Good luck, 

Brian (Golden Age Cycles, Banbury).

Kerry Fletcher2023-09-21 09:18:05
Thank you for your help, I have been trying to find other sold items but I've failed. Hopefully this photo helps a little but I'll get more next time I'm there
Sheila Ward2023-11-18 09:16:06


In your photo the rear mech is obscured by the pannier, which you need to take off and take another picture. A close up of the rear wheel area would be good too.

Kerry Fletcher2023-11-20 08:44:54
Hi Sheila, I have deleted the photo.  Updated pictures are on the for sale post.  Is that OK ?
Sheila Ward2023-11-21 08:44:39


The photo you still haven't put on is the one of the other side of the back wheel, where all the gubbins is (it's the right hand side facing forwards). That might be of interest to potential buyers.

Kerry Fletcher2023-11-21 09:12:12

Hi Sheila,

Here you go