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Dawes Kick back two 501

Mark tilley2023-08-09 16:58:13
k, in my quest for tandem, I've spottd a lovely Dawes Kickback two with custom butted 501 tubes. No sleeper brake, and cantilevers . Any one had any dealings with this make of bike specifically. Seems for me to be slightly above average price for the model, but it does look nice. What is 501 like in a tandem frame. Its MTB type design with 36 spoke 26" wheels.. Thanks.
Malcolm Gammon2023-08-09 19:49:54

We owned a Kickback two as our first serious tandem after hiring when on holidays. Had several years of great service from it and even did a cycle tour from Somerset to London over 5 days with it laden with our overnight gear. It must be quite old now though so if you have found a good one that must be unusual. We only paid £325 it was in fab unused condition and must have been back around 2005. 


Mark tilley2023-08-12 18:44:51
Well, We bought it, and have just got home having collected it 5 1/2 hr round trip.   Surprisingly light, exceptional condition, looks like ex demo.  Fettling tommorrow, then a wee test ride solo, then another wee test ride with my lovely..
Peter Wheatley Price2023-08-12 20:58:47
When trying out solo, be prepared for the inevitable......'Haven't you forgotten something?'  from passersby!
Michael Brooks2023-08-12 21:27:25
I ride solo across town to pick up my stoker. With enough tyre pressure for two it's like riding a bone shaker.