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Buying scam

Roger Roy2023-07-04 16:38:13

Just had an email enquiry from a certain gentleman called Alexandre Enzo.

about buying my tandem with the same opening paragraph identical to a certain mr Chris turner. 
beware . 

Darryl Campling2023-07-04 17:14:12

This gentleman (Enzo) contacted me. As I'm aware of the scam issue I asked that he send me his address and a telephone number or contact me by phone. No further contact!

Paul Stanford2023-08-05 12:17:20

Just had an e mail of a similar nature to the one from the infamous Chris Turner.

This one's from Annabell Reichelt. Similar Modus Operandi. Beware!

    Good to hear from you.I can confirm am satisfied with it and am offering you 
£450 and am willing to buy from you okay.Firstly,i will like you to be now i will be paying you via check rightnow and i do have a removal agent that will be doing the pick-up arrangements for me because i'm not in the UK right now and as soon as you have confirm the cheque payment clear in your account you don't need to bother yourself about sending it anymore. So i urge you to send me your details below:

Name on the check
Home Address
Postal Code
Mobile  and Landlines

All the details required so that the cheque payment can be issue out to you and get delivered to your letterbox by next week okay.So as soon as you have confirm the cheque payment,get it deposited into your account and speak with your bank about Negotiation so the money can be made available to your account within 3-5 working days and will be responsible for any charges incurred during this process okay.So as soon as you have confirm the money available to your account,get back to me immediately so that my removal agent can start necessary pick-up arrangements at your location okay.It's my pleasure doing business with you.Hope to read from you soon with your details.

I will wait till it's credited to your account before the pick-up arrangements can commence okay.

Darryl Campling2023-08-05 13:35:39
I have also been contacted by 'Annabell'. I replied in the same manner as I did to 'Enzo'.
Donald Webster2023-08-05 15:15:48
I was also contacted by "Annabell" this morning. I was unaware of this scam (and cannot immediately see how it works) but have cancelled the arrangement made by email,